Bones: 'The Bullet In The Brain' Preview - The End Of The Gravedigger

The Gravedigger - Bones

One week after Bones returns from its winter hiatus on January 20th, David Boreanaz will be jumping back into the director’s chair for “The Bullet in the Brain” - the conclusion of the multi-season Gravedigger storyline.

The episode, which airs on January 27th, will kick-off a multi-episode arc which begins with the Gravedigger, Heather Taft, being gunned down by a unknown sniper while being transported to court. As the title suggests, the murder of the Gravedigger will be Brennan’s newest case to solve.

For a series that is known to show some of the most graphic representations of decaying human bodies on television, the filming of Gravedigger’s murder proved to be more complicated. Despite the unsettling moments that come from seeing a wonderfully created faux dead body, the filming of a sniper death scene has to he handled more delicately.

As David Boreanaz acknowledges:

"This one was challenging in terms of what you are allowed to show. You want to make this show as dynamic as possible."

Unfortunately, the quick demise of Bones’ most prolific nemesis does not mean that the Jeffersonian team will now be safe from harm. As this pivotal episode progresses, we learn that it was elite sniper Jacob Ripkin Broadsky, played by Arnold Vosloo (The Mummy), who ended the life of the murderous Heather Taft.

*** Bones Spoilers Begin ***

Of course, no story-arc ending episode of Bones plays out with that much simplicity. Upon figuring out the identity of serial killer Jacob Ripkin Broadsky, the master marksman literally turns his sights on Booth, Brennan and the rest of the Jeffersonian crew. As things begin to heat up between our familiar team and the show's newest serial killer, one of the beloved squinterns unfortunately becomes his next victim.

*** Bones Spoilers End ***

You can take a look at photos from the episode below:

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Bones airs Thursdays @8pm, on Fox.

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