25 Mistakes Fans Completely Missed In Bones

Over its 12 seasons consisting of 246 episodes, Bones wasn't perfect. There were numerous continuity errors that you might not have caught on first viewing. However, the series is now complete (and available to own on DVD) and streaming on Hulu. Fans may have used first viewings of episodes to focus on plots, cases, characters, and relationships. Now, they can go back and find mistakes they may have missed, whether in the background or right under their noses.

Sometimes, a prop may seemingly disappear between shots, or the liquid in a glass changes from one moment to the next. Other times, someone does the same motion from different angles, or someone changes positions in a scene without having time to do so. The most reasonable explanation for most of these errors is doing multiple takes of the same scene, followed by no one catching the differences in editing. Even if it is caught, sometimes an actor's performance is better in another take or the lines being read work better in a specific scene and they can't reshoot. In the days before DVRs, DVDs, Blu-rays, and streaming, it's likely no one would have caught many of these mistakes, but with the ability to pause and rewind, it's too easy to do so now.

Here are 25 Mistakes Fans Completely Missed In Bones.

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Bones Season 1 Episode 1 Bus
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25 A School Bus Disappears

Bones Season 1 Episode 1 Bus

In the pilot, after Booth picks Brennan up from the airport, she tells him to pull over. After doing so, you can see a school bus parked ahead of them on the next block. However, when the camera zooms in on Booth and Brennan getting out of the car and arguing, the school bus is gone.

It's not even among the cars waiting at the light further down the road and there wasn't enough time for the bus to get far enough to be out of the shot.

24 The Wrong Time on the Clock

In season 1, episode 9, Booth, Brennan, and the Jeffersonian team are in quarantine in the lab for Christmas. As the episode begins, it's supposedly 6:00 p.m. on December 23rd. Everyone's leaving for the holidays and Angela is trying to convince Brennan to attend the company Christmas party.

Meanwhile, Hodgins and Zack are tinkering with a robot in the lab. The clock on the wall behind them obviously reads 4:30 p.m. So, what time is it? 4:30 or 6:00? Was it originally supposed to be 4:30? Or did they just not check that the clock in the background read the time in the script?

23 A Drawing Changes Sizes

Bones Season 1 Episode 20 Drawing

In season 1, episode 20, Booth, Brennan, and Angela meet Deputy Director Cullen in the hospital because his daughter, Amy, has cancer. Angela asks to see Amy's drawings and as Amy's handing over her sketchbook, the size of the drawing on the page changes.

When Amy first holds it out, it takes up the entire page. Then, as Angela takes it, the drawing is small and centered (and it looks like the larger one is on another page in the sketchbook). Finally, when Angela's looking at it, it's the larger drawing again.

22 Brennan Puts Her Hair up in a Ponytail Twice

Bones Season 2 Episode 1 Brennan Ponytail

Booth and Brennan arrive at a crime scene in the season 2 premiere and a wide shot shows her putting her hair up in a ponytail as they walk from their car. She finishes with her hair before the camera focuses on the crime scene itself. Viewers see the area, the fire, and the people.

After that, Booth begins to explain what happened to Brennan, but once again, she's putting her hair up in a ponytail. She had just finished fixing her hair when Cam saw them and walked over to her.

21 The Water Bottle That Capped Itself

Bones Season 2 Episode 6 Bottle Cap

Keep an eye on the water bottle and the cap on the table during an interrogation scene in season 2, episode 6. The suspect is drinking from the bottle and then puts it down on the table, uncapped. Suddenly, when Brennan reaches across the table for a file, the cap is back on the water bottle.

However, no one ever made a move to re-cap it. There also wasn't enough time off-screen for someone to do so or for someone to make that move, so the bottle should still be uncapped.

20 The Changing Church Exterior

Bones Season 2 Episode 21 Church Exterior

Angela and Hodgins are supposed to get married in a church in the season 2 finale. A shot of the exterior prior to the wedding shows it as being all white. However, before the ceremony can proceed, Angela learns that she is already married.

She and Hodgins decide to ditch the event, taking Caroline's advice to “run,” and after telling everyone to enjoy the reception, they leave the church. As they run out, the formerly all-white exterior is now partially covered with bricks. Even if they supposedly left through another door, it doesn't make sense for one part of the building to have brick when the rest is all white.

19 The Disappearing Bullet Hole in the Door

Bones Season 3 Episode 5 Door Hole

In season 3, episode 5, Booth and Brennan are facing off against a criminal and Booth fires his weapon at the suspect behind a door. The criminal goes down and there's a bullet hole left in the door. Well, at least there should have been a bullet hole.

When Brennan first emerges from the room, there isn't a hole in the door at all. However, a wider shot of the scene shows where the hole should be in the door. What happened to the bullet hole before?

18 The Mysteriously Appearing Debris

Bones Season 3 Episode 8 Booth Brennan Taxi Debris

During the investigation in season 3, episode 8, Booth and Brennan are in a taxi when something goes off near them. The car flips over, and when it lands, you can see that while there's damage to the vehicle, there's nothing on it. Booth is the first to recover enough to get out of the car, but as he climbs out and goes around to check on Brennan, you can see asphalt and debris on the taxi's roof.

Where did it come from? And how did it get on the roof without any sound of it falling?

17 The Changing Contents of a Vial

Bones Season 4 Episode 5 Vial Liquid Color

In season 4, episode 5, Brennan tests a shovel to see if there is any blood on it. She wipes the shovel with a Q-tip and then puts the contents in a substance inside a test tube vial. The liquid turns pink, confirming her suspicion about what's on the shovel that shouldn't be there.

However, during the conversation that follows, the contents of the vial change. Not only is there less liquid in there, but it also changes color. Instead of staying the same pink, it turns to a darker shade, almost red.

16 Booth's Hand Placement Over His Ears

Bones Season 4 Episode 19 Booth Hands Ears

During their investigation, Booth and Brennan end up trapped in a chamber in season 4, episode 19. When a high-pitched sound begins, they cover their ears, however, as Brennan explains, they have to counteract the wavelength with different sounds.

Depending on the camera's coverage, Booth's hand placements change position. At first, he only has his fingers over his ears with Brennan in the scene, but in the next shot, he only has one hand hovering over, not really covering his ear. Later, he switches back to his fingers.

15 Daisy's Hand Placement on Sweets

Bones Season 4 Episode 20 Sweets Daisy Hands

In season 4, episode 20, Booth and Brennan see Daisy trying on a wedding dress with another man. They think she may be involved with him and tell Sweets. But, she's just helping her cousin, who's out of town and happen to be the same size.

When Daisy tells Sweets what's really going on, the position of her hands on his shoulders change. First, she has her hands flat against his shoulders. Then, her arms are around his neck. Later, as they work everything out, her hand is back to being flat against his shoulder.

14 Hodgins' Self-Cleaning Gloves

Bones Season 4 Episode 25 Hodgins Wine Gloves

In season 4, episode 25, Hodgins and Fisher are trying to clean wine-soaked bones, but Fisher can't properly examine the bones until they remove the stains. After cleaning the bones, it's clear that their gloves are covered in wine.

As Fisher has a revelation about how to clean the bones, you can see that Hodgins' gloves are much cleaner than they were earlier in the scene. Specifically, there was wine all over the gloves, but now, only the fingertips are covered. You never see him try to clean them, nor do you see him put on new ones.

13 The Magically Refilling Milkshake Glass

Bones Season 5 Episode 4 Parker Milkshake

At the end of season 5, episode 4, Booth and Brennan are at the diner with Parker. Booth's son is having a milkshake and he drinks some of it while Brennan wonders if he's having fun. But, the glass is completely full when he reaches for it again after he answers her.

There are also metal cups holding extra liquid for both Parker's and Booth's drinks. However, not only does Parker not drink enough to need to pour any more in, but no one ever reaches for one of them. Also, by the end of the scene, the milkshake glass is once again completely full, despite no one reaching for it.

12 How Many Gloves Does Fisher Put On?

Bones Season 5 Episode 9 Fisher Gloves

Fisher can be seen putting a glove on his hand when Cam walks into the bone room in season 5, episode 9. She notes that he's out of breath, which he denies. As he begins telling her what he found, he doesn't have any gloves on.

As she goes to leave, he turns to put one on, but when she turns back to question him about his focus, he suddenly has gloves on both hands. He barely had time to finish putting on one glove before he started answering her, so there's no way he could have put both on in that amount of time.

11 Can Angela Teleport?

Bones Season 6 Episode 2 Angela Platform

In season 6, episode 2, the Jeffersonian team is on the platform discussing Booth and Brennan's relationship. Dr. Clark Edison is standing away from Brennan, Angela, Cam, and Hodgins. He begins talking about how everyone can see that Booth and Brennan are attracted to each other.

As he realizes what he's said out loud and turns to apologize for his outburst, Angela goes from standing behind a table on the other side of the platform to behind the table that Clark is in front of. In the takes used, she didn't have time to make that move.

10 How Many Photo Papers for Old-School X-rays?

Bones Season 6 Episode 16 Photo Paper Xray

In season 6, episode 16, Hodgins and Wendell have to get creative to run tests during a blackout. They used tape and film to generate X-rays and the number of photo papers underneath the bone, however, changes.

First, there are four when Wendell moves the bone and papers out from under the tape. Then, he and Hodgins pull the photo papers out, still showing four. However, once the papers are all out and they wait for the X-ray to appear, there are five. Where did the additional one come from?

9 When Did Brennan Put on a Glove?

Bones Season 8 Episode 5 Brennan Gloves

As Booth and Brennan arrive at the crime scene in season 8, episode 5, she's putting on a glove. They're also discussing Sweets moving in with them (temporarily) as she adjusts the glove.

She's just about finished with that one glove as they duck under the police caution tape and she takes the other glove out to begin putting it on. The camera then switches to a wide shot and shows them walking through the crime scene. All of a sudden, Brennan is wearing both gloves, despite her having no time to put on the second one.

8 Self-Cleaning Clothes?

Bones Season 8 Episode 22 Clean Clothes

A boy doesn't know how to operate a crane in the opening scene of season 8, episode 22. His aunt tries to talk him through it, but he bails when he sees a body in the crane. As he's hurrying away, he accidentally drops the body on her.

While she's flat on her stomach on the ground with the body on top of her, you can see that some of the remains got on her clothes. As her coworkers help her up, however, her clothes are suddenly clean.

7 The Impossible IP Address

Bones Season 9 Episode 23 IP Address

For the case in season 9, episode 23, Angela finds an IP address that reads: It's registered to Madam's Apple, which had free Wi-Fi.

While obviously this wasn't going to be a real IP address, there's one obvious error: IP addresses are four sets of numbers while this one is five. Was it done on purpose to make sure it wasn't a real IP address? Could it be the same as how phone numbers in movies and television shows start with 555? Or did the IP address itself not matter as much as the information Angela relayed in the scene?

6 When Did the Woman Put on a Shirt?

Bones Season 10 Episode 13 Shirt

In season 10, episode 13, Aubrey goes to Conner's apartment and runs into his roommate, Sabrina. As he tells her that someone ended Conner's life, she's only wearing a towel when they first started talking.

As she explains why she didn't report Conner missing, she is putting on a shirt. You can see her struggle to get her arm through one sleeve and put the shirt on fully. However, in the next shot, she has the shirt fully wrapped around her and her arms are crossed. She didn't have any time to do that.

5 How Much Cat Food Is on the Watch?

Bones Season 11 Episode 13 Watch Cat Food

In season 11, episode 13, Cam, Angela, and Aubrey are looking through a suspect's house and Cam finds a watch under an overturned bowl covered in cat food.

When she first turns it over, the face of the watch is relatively clean for where it was. However, that's not true once she picks it up and shows it to Aubrey. As they examine the watch, she has to wipe quite a bit of food off of its face. Where did that cat food come from? Even if some of it had transferred from Cam's glove, it doesn't explain all of it.

4 How Much Spray Cheese Is on Aubrey's Food?

Bones Season 11 Episode 13 Watch Cat Food

In season 11, episode 18, as Booth and Aubrey discuss the case, Aubrey adds spray cheese to his burrito. He pretty much covers the top of the burrito and there's more than enough on there when he does.

As he and Booth continue to discuss a possible suspect as they walk through the halls, the amount of cheese that Aubrey put on his burrito changes significantly. By the time they reach Booth's office, the layer of spray cheese is much thicker than what he originally put on it.

3 What Happened to the Liver?

In season 12, episode 6, a body is found in a dumpster filled with animal entrails. Rodolfo Fuentes is the lucky person who gets to sort through the contents to find everything case-related. He finds a liver, but Hodgins informs him that they don't need it since it's from a moose.

After Rodolfo puts the liver down, and we see the area where the liver should be, it completely vanishes. It could have slipped off the plastic bag and into the liquid below, but that doesn't seem likely.

2 Disappearing and Reappearing Cake

Bones Season 12 Episode 11 Angela Cake

Angela's eating cake while she and Brennan talk at Cam's wedding in season 12, episode 11. As they discuss Booth's displeasure after speaking with Avalon, there's a piece of cake on Angela's fork.

Suddenly, though, the cake is gone. Angela could have taken a bite while coverage switched to Brennan, but it doesn't seem likely. This is because in the next shot of Angela, there's cake on her fork again, meaning she didn't have time to take any off her plate. Furthermore, in the proceeding shot, she attempts to take a piece from her plate, suggesting she doesn't have any on her fork at the moment.

1 How Much Glass Is On Brennan's Face?

Bones Season 12 Episode 12 Brennan Glass

The Bones series finale begins with the aftermath of an attack on the Jeffersonian. We see Booth, Angela, and Hodgins are okay enough to move around, while Brennan is missing at first.

When Booth finds Brennan, there's a piece of debris on her cheek as he rolls her over, but from another angle, it shows that there are two more pieces on her face. However, they're not there when the camera looks straight down at her. Initially, if there were two pieces, you would have been able to see them from both angles.


Notice any other mistakes in Bones absent from our list? Let us know what you discovered by sounding off in the comments below!

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