Bones: All Of Brennan's Interns, Ranked

One of the reasons Bones is one of TV’s most popular crime procedurals is the chemistry among the show’s cast. It all starts with David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel’s Booth and Brennan, then extends to their co-workers at the Jeffersonian.

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When Brennan’s assistant Zack went to a mental institution in season four, she had a rotating group of interns help her in the lab. Originally, one was supposed to become her regular assistant, but they were all so good, they became members of the team. With the exception of one-time guest stars like Betty White and David Alan Grier, these are all the interns of Bones ranked.

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Since he was Canadian and usually worked on a transfer program, forensic podiatrist Douglas Filmore didn’t appear as much as the other interns. He was a stereotype of an overly polite and humble Canadian. 

Filmore had an extreme inferiority complex where Dr. Brennan was concerned, with his confidence sometimes affecting his work. Truth be told, he wasn’t as imaginative as the other interns, so he never quite fit in with the rest of the team.


The last intern to join the Jeffersonian, Jessica Warren isn’t intimidated by working with Dr. Brennan. As a matter of fact, she often ignores the rules, which angers Cam and Brennan. She grew up in a free-spirited co-op, so she doesn’t always fit in with the more structured ways of the lab.

She and Aubrey had a romantic relationship, but it always seemed a little forced, like he was supposed to make her character more likable. Truth be told, she was introduced too late in the series’ run to really feel like one of the team. 


We understand that Oliver Wells was meant to be unlikable, but there’s a point where unlikable becomes unwatchable. Whereas Brennan knows she lacks certain social skills and strives to improve them, Oliver has zero interest in being well-liked.

He’s extremely intelligent and very good at his job, but his personality makes him the intern we’re least excited to see show up in the lab. There’s nothing wrong with being the smartest person in the room, but the way he constantly challenges Brennan borders on disrespectful.


With his endless knowledge of obscure facts, Mr. Nigel-Murray was a fountain of useless information. Turns out he used these tidbits to help him focus on the case. He was charming and funny, making him a fan favorite.

When actor Ryan Cartwright joined the show Alphas, Vincent became a casualty of sniper Jacob Broadsky. His demise was difficult for Brennan, as she couldn’t understand why someone so young and promising would be taken away. It was a shocking moment that changed the show forever, as his loss sparked Brennan and Booth to finally act on their feelings for one another.


A doctor of forensic anthropology in Cuba, Rodolfo must start his career from the beginning in America, which is why he’s working as an intern. Though his experience is a great benefit to the Jeffersonian, his flirtatiousness does cause some issues with the staff.

Hodgins goes out of his way to welcome Rodolfo to the team, offering viewers a chance to see the homesick yet determined man underneath the charming smile. Though actor Ignacio Serricchio is a bona fide heartthrob, it’s the humanity Rodolfo brings to the lab that keeps us interested. 


Combining his intellect and obsession with death, forensic anthropology was the perfect field for Fisher. Though he spent some time in a few mental institutions, he says his work is the only thing he enjoys, so he has no problem being surrounded by death.

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While everyone else is put off by Brennan’s lack of tactfulness, Fisher likes knowing exactly where he stands. His appearances always provide a fun balance to the shenanigans in the lab. When Joel David Moore left the show for a while, other interns were introduced, but none of them could replace the dark humor Fisher brought.


From her first appearance, Daisy was set up to be the most annoying intern, and for awhile she was. It was through her relationship with Sweets that she became a more fleshed-out character, that was more than a Dr. Brennan wannabe.

After losing Sweets, and giving birth to his child, she stated that the Jeffersonian team was their real family. As she exhibited more normal human interactions and less teacher’s pet behaviors, she evolved into a better intern, with Brennan giving her more responsibility and trust.


Finn joined the lab in season seven under a cloud of suspicion. The mysterious disappearance of his stepfather caused the team to think he killed him, but they eventually came around, appreciating his grounded view on life.

As the youngest intern, the team looked after Finn, helping him navigate life without a father. For example, advising him on how to enjoy having a significant amount of money for the first time. Though he was only on the show for two seasons, Finn was always a breath of fresh air in the overly scientific world.


Brennan’s original assistant Zack cast a large shadow for the other interns to fill. It was so big that it took 11 new characters to replace him. Though he was a genius, his naive social skills often got him in trouble with the rest of the world.

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It was his lack of real-world knowledge that made him the perfect victim of serial killer Gormogon. Zack was manipulated into working for the criminal, which led to a murder and Zack being locked up in a mental institution.


Arastoo began his career at the Jeffersonian by pretending to have an accent, so no one would question him about his faith. Once the truth came out, we got to know how complex he really was. He was considered a political exile in Iran for writing poems about love and democracy.

Following this revelation, we discovered that Arastoo was a romantic Arastoo, especially when he started dating Cam. Though he was just as devoted to science as the rest of the team, his big heart made him a very likable and essential member of the lab. 


Clark was the first intern to take over for Zack, making him the measurement on whether this rotating intern experiment would work. Clark immediately established himself as different from Zack. He was all about the work, with no interest in their personal lives. Of course, he constantly kept getting drawn in anyway.

Once Clark got his doctorate and a regular position, he became Brennan’s equal and was treated as such by the rest of the lab. In fact, he stepped in for Brennan on several occasions when she was unavailable.


While all the interns made an impact, Wendell is the only one who really became part of the team’s lives away from work. He dated Angela, was close friends with Hodgins, considered Booth a role model and leaned on them while he battled cancer.

The trust he gained in their personal lives extended to his work in the lab, as Brennan and Hodgins often let him perform tasks outside his job description. His everyman charm combined with his work ethic and down to Earth point of view made him an integral part of the family.

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