David Boreanaz Talks 'Bones' 100th Episode Spoilers & More

David Boreanax as Seely Booth

With Bones returning this Thursday, I was invited to take part in a conference call with Seely Booth himself, David Boreanaz, where the former vampire provided some insight about the past, present and future of everyone’s favorite forensic anthropology drama.

Boreanaz was more than happy to talk about the upcoming 100th episode, Fox’s original plans for the series, why Zach (Eric Millegan) is no longer on the show and what is in store for the season finale and beyond.

Thanks to Twitter, I found out how vociferous Bones fans can be. So, in hopes of staying on their good side, I have separated the highlights into non-spoilers and spoilers. Although, just to save myself from any angry messages, I deem everything below as MILD SPOILERS.

In total, the conference call with Boreanaz lasted around 40 minutes and I’m only including selected highlights below - but make sure to check back tomorrow as we’ll have the entire interview posted.

What Booth carries with him and why:

  • A gold  Zippo lighter – reminiscent of his training days as a Ranger.
  • A poker chip - reminds him of his gambling issues (that were never really delved into).
  • Dice (right pocket) - he likes to play with them when interrogating suspects.
  • Saint Christopher medallion (keeps on him) - for protection.
  • Whittenhauer watch – There’s something inscribed on it (might be revealed later).

On Boreanaz stating that he doesn’t ever want to see Booth and Brennan together:

"It’s not that I don’t want to see them together, it’s just that everyone wants to see them together in a different way; whether that’s as a couple, or in a relationship. They work very well together. It’s great to seem them solve these crimes. It’s also great to see them get into their personal lives."

"…For right now, I still maintain they should be partners and we’ll see what happens after this season, but it’s a really good season ender."

On the development of the series:

"The development of the show has spanned from trying to make it this procedural, which they [Fox] wanted in the beginning and us adamantly saying that we want a relationship-driven show. In the long run, I think you can see the relationship part of the show win out more over the procedural, dark procedural, they had in mind."

Zach Addy

On Having Zach (Eric Millegan) back for the 100th episode and why he left (You'll have to watch the episode to understand "the suit" comment):

"He was great. He worked out really wonderfully. It was great to have him back. He had to wear that suit for quite some time – took a couple blows with a baseball bat. He was a real trooper. I think that his character is really valuable - is, was, has been from the beginning."

"As the stories evolved …unfortunately, he went his own particular way in view of what the writers wanted to do with him."

"He was a great addition to have in the 100th and going back and seeing his relationship, how that evolved with Hodgins, was a lot of fun and I think he did a great job and it was great to see him back in his scrubs."

Will Booth ever getting married?:

"I don’t think one of his main goals is to get married. I think Booth is a pretty simple, blue-collared kind of guy. He loves the simple things in life. If he were to find somebody that is a fit for him and she's also in the same boat, he’ll possibly entertain those thoughts."

"You never know with his character. He’s got a lot of demons we never tapped into and we look forward to diving into a bit of his past next season as well as trying to figure out his path and how that works with Bones."

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