Bones: 100th Episode Review & Discussion

Tonight, Fox’s hit anthropological series Bones celebrates its milestone 100th episode and what better way to commemorate such an achievement than to reminisce with the world’s greatest duo, Brennan and Booth, about their first case as they sit down with Sweets to set the record straight about his yet unpublished book about their partnership.

Not only is Bones celebrating an episodic milestone, but also breaking new ground in terms of storytelling as fans of the series will finally see what happens when Booth and Brennan contemplate taking their partnership, and relationship, to the next level.

But… will fans be happy with what results from revealing such strong emotions?

[Spoiler Warning]


Why waste time beating around the bush? I’ll just say it… The 100th episode of Bones is one of, if not the, best episodes of the entire series.

I’m a lover of information and typically I get my fix from the episodic storylines progressing, but there’s nothing, and I mean nothing, that tops expounding upon information that we already know or, in this case, presume to already know.

Thankfully, Bones delivers on both fronts by not only giving us the first true interaction between Booth, Brennan and the Jeffersonian through the use of a wonderful flashback, but also uses the momentum built through said flashback to further develop the characters in their current incarnation with a heart-wrenching scene that completely caught me off guard.

After 5 seasons, 99 episodes and 70 hours, the moment that Bones fans were waiting for occurs… TWICE! But, in completely different ways. Yes, fans get their moment of passion between Booth and Brennan in the flashback, but when it finally comes time to revisit the emotions that have been building up these past five years, there is no other way to describe what happens than to say it was truly heart-breaking.

As of now, you’ve either seen the episode or know everything that’s going to happen in the episode, so what occurs to you isn’t so much of a shock. But when I originally viewed the 100th episode of Bones a couple weeks ago, I thought that I was sitting down to a normal episode and while the flashback kiss should have tipped me off, I continued to watch unaware of what awaited me in the final moments.

When Booth finally opens his heart to Brennan wanting to take a chance on their relationship, I thought to myself, “It’s finally going to happen!” Then, I see the look in her eyes and my jaw drops. As I’m waiting to hear her say the words I know are coming, all I can’t think is, “Oh my God... this isn’t what’s supposed to happen!”

If you think watching the final scene was rough, try doing it when most of the world hasn’t even seen the episode.

Bones - "The Moment"

Other than that, having Zach back was amazing and while I don’t believe he left on such good terms, the fact that he came back for the 100th episode truly made it feel like I was stepping back in time... before he decided to go all Gormogon on everyone.

Not to mention that David Boreanaz did a wonderful job directing this episode. While it’s nothing new for actors to jump in the director’s seat, especially on a series that they’ve worked on for many years, Boreanaz deserves credit for tackling such an important episode.


What did you think of the 100th episode of Bones? Was it everything hoped it would be?

How great was it to see Zach back? Do you miss having him in the lab?

What do you think about Brennan turning down Booth? How will that impact their relationship?

Is there any way a relationship between the two could work out?

Am I the only one hoping Angela and Hodgins end up together?

Be honest, did you cry?

Bones - Booth & Brennan

Am I leaving things out? Sure, but c’mon… how many words do I need to use to say just how great and amazing this episode was?

Wait for it… 672, to be exact.

Watch Bones Thursday night @8pm, on FOX.

If you still can’t get enough of David Boreanaz, check our interview highlights where he talks about how Booth will handle the rejection and what’s to come in the rest of the season.

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