What To Expect From Bonding Season 2

Bonding Season 2

What’s the word on Bonding season 2? Netflix’s dark comedy series premiered on April 24 and primarily focuses on the experiences of a New York City student/dominatrix and her best friend who purses a career in stand-up comedy.

Created by Rightor Doyle, Bonding season 1 stars Zoe Levin (The Way Way Back) as Tiff Chester, a grad student known for her guarded personality. To pay the bills, Tiff works as a dominatrix under the moniker “Mistress May.” Brendan Scannell (Heathers) portrays Tiff’s long-time friend Pete, an aspiring comedian who assists Mistress May under the pseudonym “Master Carter.” 

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Bonding season 1 consists of seven episodes, all of which are less than 20 minutes in duration. Upon the release of Bonding season 1, the dominatrix community criticized the series for its lack of authenticity, while others have praised the inherent comedy. Needless to say, whether there'll be more of the show is on everybody's mind. Here’s everywhere we know about Bonding season 2. 

Bonding Season 2 Hasn't Been Officially Ordered By Netflix (Yet)

Bonding Netflix

As of now, Bonding season 2 has not been renewed. In general, Netflix typically waits three to six weeks after a full series premiere before greenlighting a new batch of episodes. Aside from Bonding, Netflix has premiered six other comedy series since March 1, 2019: After Life, Turn Up Charlie, Huge in France, Special, Lunatics, and I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson. After premiering on March 8, After Life was renewed on April 3. The rest of the aforementioned series are still pending. Fans of Bonding season 1 should expect some type of answer before summer begins.

Bonding Season 2 Release Date

Bonding Netflix

If Netflix decides to move forward with Bonding season 2, the release date will depend on the series scope. For Bonding season 1, Netflix took a condensed production approach, most likely to gauge the audience interest for such a unique show. Moving forward, Bonding season 2 would most likely air in 2020 if Netflix decides to produce a full 10-episode season with longer runtimes. If the production schedule stays the same, then it’s possible that Bonding season 2 could return by the end of 2019.

Bonding Season 2 Story Details

Netflix Bonding

By the end of Bonding season 1, Tiff forms a friendship with her fellow classmate Doug (Micah Stock). They manage to connect during a first date while playing arcade games, and Tiff later reveals her line of work to both her potential love interest and her classmates. Meanwhile, Brendan looks inward and uses his experiences as a dominatrix assistant for a stand-up comedy routine.

While both Tiff and Brendan moving forward in their personal lives, a thriller element comes into play during Bonding season 1 when a mysterious client shows up and ultimately gets stabbed. Therein lies the central conflict for Bonding season 2, aside from the main characters' hopes and fears, both personally and professionally.

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