Are Pinto and Wilde the Next Bond Girls? [UPDATED]

UPDATE: According to denials from both Pinto and Wilde, this story is totally false. Maybe next time...

You might want to take out your biggest grain of salt before going any further.

The Daily Mirror in London is reporting that Slumdog Millionaire starlet (and L'Oreal spokesmodel) Freida Pinto has "signed a multi-million pound deal" to play Daniel Craig's love interest in the next installment of James Bond.

But wait, there's more! Tron Legacy co-star Olivia Wilde is apparently set to tackle the part of the other Bond girl—SPOILER ALERT!—a double-crossing U.N. worker in Afghanistan.

And this will all occur in a Bond film from Oscar-winning director Sam Mendes, who promises to "reinvent the genre."

Phew! Sounds good, right? Before you start salivating, though, consider the source. The Daily Mirror is a notoriously poor place to find accurate film scoops - imagine if Weekly World News had a film section - and though Mendes and Pinto have long been rumored for the next Bond film, no deals are completed as of yet.

Personally, as much as Mendes would be a welcome addition to the Bond franchise—nothing against Mark Forster, but his Diet Paul Greengrass style somewhat ran its course during the latter sections of Quantum of Solace—it's hard to picture Pinto as any sort of credible Bond Girl.


Okay, sure, this is a franchise that has featured, among others, Denise Richards as a nuclear physicist named "Christmas Jones," but a hallmark of the Craig-era Bond films has been reality. You can believe Eva Green as a duplicitous banking bureaucrat. Not so much Pinto, who was so vacant in Slumdog Millionaire that she was out-acted by the scar makeup on her face.

Besides, if Mendes was going to cast someone as a Bond Girl, wouldn't he choose Rebecca Hall?

The next James Bond film should hit theaters sometime in 2011.

Sources: The Daily Mirror, Movieline

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