Bond 25 Release Pushed Back Two Months

A new setback hits Daniel Craig's final outing as James Bond, as the already beleaguered Bond 25 pushes its release date back another two months.

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The release of Bond 25 has been pushed back two months. The hotly anticipated follow-up to 2015’s Spectre, Bond 25 has had roadblocks along its lengthy road to completion for some time. After the release of Spectre, there was considerable speculation as to whether or not Daniel Craig would return for another installment as 007, or if the torch would be passed on to a new Bond.

After an extensive distribution war, which saw MGM’s previous partner, Sony, lose out to Universal, confirmation arrived that Craig was, in fact, returning for another chapter in the James Bond saga. And then, as if there hadn’t already been enough disruption, Bond 25 lost Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle over creative differences. This was a substantial blow to the franchise and to fans of both Boyle and Bond, as it appeared the two were a match made in cinematic heaven. In the end, Cary Fukunaga (True Detective) was handed the reigns and Bond 25 looked set to finally arrive in theaters on February 14, 2020.

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Now, Deadline has reported that the release of Bond 25 has been pushed back two months to April 8, 2020. The decision is likely based on the fact that the new date puts Bond in theaters just in time for the Easter weekend. At present, the still untitled Bond 25 is the only major release to have secured that date, allowing MGM ample breathing room - though much could change between now and then.

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It was a relief for many Bond fans when it began to appear that all the right pieces were falling back into place once more. Although Craig has, in the eyes of some, outgrown his welcome as James Bond, the ongoing debate over who should or shouldn’t be the next 007 has revealed a franchise that is facing a fresh crossroads in its ongoing pursuit to rule the spy-thriller genre. From popular Bond-to-be favorite Idris Elba denying that he’ll ever be the iconic British secret agent to Henry Cavill as the apparent frontrunner for the role, the excitement for Bond 25 is perhaps inflated by fans’ desires to see how this film will set up the next for a new heir to the throne. Beyond the character of James Bond, there still hasn’t been any confirmation on Bond 25’s cast, though rumors of Helena Bonham Carter as a new villain persist.

All things considered regarding the business end of the Bond franchise, a wait of an extra two months isn’t really that big of a deal. Not long ago, Craig was saying he was done with the franchise, and exactly when or if we’d see a new Bond film any time soon was hard to say. At present, production is set to commence on Bond 25 in March and many fans will surely feel much better about everything once that happens. For now, Bond fans can comfort themselves with the fact that Bond 25 is definitely on its way, if not two months late. Better late than never.

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Source: Deadline

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