Bond 25 May Get Complete Script Rewrite & Release Delay

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Bond 25 may be getting a script rewrite and a release date delay following director Danny Boyle's departure from the project. The latest installment of the long-running action franchise was poised to begin production this December ahead of its November 2019 release date. Unfortunately, it hit a major roadblock earlier this week when Boyle left due to creative differences with the producers and star Daniel Craig. In the time since that news broke, it appears the casting of the villain played a key role in Boyle leaving.

In the wake of the Boyle development, the prevailing thought was that EON would target a safe choice as a replacement, in order to stay on course for its previously scheduled release window. However, the latest suggests Bond 25 is going to start from scratch, which could push it back quite a bit.

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According to Variety, Boyle's exit likely means the script he co-wrote with John Hodge is also off the table. As a result, the filmmakers want to bring in a "writer or writer-director" to take a stab at the project. There's no telling how long that search could go on for, and even when a replacement is found, it's going to take some time for them to deliver a finished screenplay. The belief is in order for Bond 25 to open next November, the cameras need to be rolling by January 2019, or the task becomes implausible.

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Earlier in Bond 25's development, EON was weighing between Boyle & Hodge's script and one penned by Bond veterans Neal Purvis & Robert Wade (who have penned every franchise entry since 1999). It sounds like the producers have scrapped that screenplay too, which will come as a relief to some viewers. After the lackluster Spectre, many felt Purvis & Wade's run in the series had grown stale and were eager for some fresh blood. It'll be interesting to see who gets brought on, but it's encouraging to see EON take their time instead of rush things to meet the release date. Bond 25 is set to be Craig's final outing as 007 (he's staying in the role even if there is a delay), and everyone involved is committed to seeing him bow out on a high note.

As for possible replacements, big names that fit what EON is looking for might be hard to come by. Christopher Nolan took himself out of the running well before Boyle was hired, Denis Villeneuve is prepping Dune, and Christopher McQuarrie wants to recharge his batteries before making something original. Viewers were excited by the prospect of Boyle doing something different with the material and helping redeem Craig's rocky Bond tenure, so hopefully EON finds someone just as talented who can deliver a thrilling adventure.

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Source: Variety

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