Bond 25 Won't Change Release Date Following Daniel Craig Injury

Bond 25 won’t change its release date following Daniel Craig's injury. It’s been almost four years since British super spy James Bond last thrilled audiences on the big screen. Though Spectre didn’t hit the same highs as its predecessor Skyfall did, the film still marked an ongoing transition for the James Bond character, leaving fans eager to see what would happen next in the 57-year-old saga.

As it turned out, what happened next following Spectre’s release was a great deal of confusion, conflict and uncertainty, the likes of which have started to become a sort of hallmark of the Bond franchise. Perhaps the biggest issue of that time was Craig’s dwindling desire to play the iconic character of James Bond. In no uncertain terms, Craig revealed that he’d sooner slash his wrists than take on the role again, prompting a long running series of rumors and guesswork on the part of fans. When the smoke had cleared, however, and the rumor mill grew less and less extensive, Craig confirmed that he would be returning to the role of Bond, and not long afterward, production began on the still untitled Bond 25.

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Unfortunately for Craig, it wasn’t long into the production of Bond 25 that the 51-year-old suffered an injury while filming an action sequence. The injury prompted concern among many, as the extent of it wasn’t being fully detailed to the public, but what was made clear was that production on Bond 25 had been halted as a result. Now thanks to Deadline, we know that Craig will undergo minor surgery on his ankle, and the two-week setback will not affect the film’s April 3, 2020 release date.

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Craig’s injury occurred in Jamaica while filming, and the star was immediately flown to the US for treatment. It’s not the first time that Craig has been injured while working on a Bond film, either. During the filming of Casino Royale (Craig’s debut as the suave super-spy), his two front teeth were knocked out while filming a fight scene. Then, in Quantum of Solace, Craig required surgery as a result of a separated shoulder, and lost the tip of one of his fingers. Lastly, while working on Spectre, Craig sprained his knee, resulting in a pause on filming for a couple of days. It does appear that out of all the injuries he’s sustained while bringing the character of James Bond to life, Craig’s recent Bond 25 injury is the most severe of all. Still, it’s not enough to alter the film’s release date, which is good news for fans.

When the number of injuries that Craig has suffered in the past thirteen years as Bond are considered, it’s understandable why he’s previously been reluctant to return to the role. Portraying Bond is no easy task, and at 51-years of age, even a relatively minor injury can be a challenge to overcome. The Bond franchise means a great deal to its fans, but more films shouldn’t come at the expense of Craig’s personal health. This, then, is perhaps the biggest sign that it’s time for Sony to find a new Bond, just as soon as Craig gives the world one last rollercoaster ride with Bond 25.

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Source: Deadline

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