Rumor: Bond 25 Plot Draws Comparison To Taken

It looks like Bond will be a married man in James Bond 25 - at least for a little while - if new plot rumors are to be believed. With Daniel Craig only recently confirming he’ll return for one last Bond outing, it’s no surprise plot and casting rumors have already started to pop up.

August alone saw rumors the forthcoming adventure would be dubbed Shatterhand, feature a blind villain and that Beyonce would be recording the main theme. At this early stage, all rumors are to be taken with a generous heaping of salt, since the film doesn’t have a confirmed director or even a title yet.

The same goes for this new story from Page Six, where inside sources for the publication have told them Bond will be retired from the secret service and married when the movie begins. Naturally the story wouldn’t be following his blissful home life, so his wife will be murdered shortly after, leading Bond out of retirement to seek revenge. Although the reports don’t confirm it, the previous movie Spectre ended with Bond riding off into the sunset with new love Madeline Swann, so if the reports are true, it’s likely Lea Seydoux’s Dr. Swann will be Bond's spouse.

Daniel Craig as James Bond

The story is being compared to Taken, but of course, this isn’t the first time Bond has lost a loved one. The Craig era saw the character fall hard for Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale, and struggle with grief whilst seeking revenge for her death in Quantum Of Solace. Stretching back further, Bond was briefly married in 1969’s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, with his new bride Tracy Bond being killed in a drive-by shooting by Blofeld and his henchwoman in the climax.

Given that Spectre ended with Christoph Waltz’s Blofeld being arrested, it’s not hard to conclude his all-powerful villain will break out of prison and seek revenge on his adopted brother. In a way Spectre wrote the series into a corner with its ending; if Craig hadn’t returned it could have worked as a farewell scene for his Bond, but since he’s coming back there’s no room for the character to have a happy domestic life.

The series formula demands Bond returns to his old spying, womanizing ways, and the death of his wife would be an easy plot catalyst for the character to return. That said, the Page Six report is in no way confirmed at this stage, so this concept could be way off base. Regular Bond screenwriters Robert Wade and Neal Purvis are currently working on the script and the film is penciled for release in 2019, so expect lots more updates in the months ahead.

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Source: Page Six

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