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Bond 25 was, many thought, set to take the franchise in a new direction after the poor reception Spectre received. However, the film has been dogged with setbacks, and there seems to be more focus on who'll play Bond after Bond 25 rather than the movie itself. What exactly is going on?

It's been almost three years since the last James Bond movie, Spectre, released in Fall 2015, and since then it's been a rollercoaster. There's been a long will-he-won't-he of it Daniel Craig will return, multiple screenplays and now director drama.

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Bond is one of the biggest franchises on the planet, so there's a lot of pressure to get it right. With that comes a lot of speculation and rumor - doubly so as this series brushes up with the British tabloids - which makes knowing the truth of 007's future rather tricky. Today, we're going to cut through all of the misinformation and tell you the facts (and a few uncertainties) of what's really going on with James Herbert Bond.

When Is Bond 25 Coming Out?

After Spectre, in 2015, many assumed that Daniel Craig would hang up his tux and retire from playing the special agent - he made some very strongly worded claims on that film's press tour - but surprisingly he decided to stay on. By that point, the film had already been given a November 2019 release date. This was still two years away, so it seemed pretty attainable.

However, since then there have been some complications with both the scripts and filmmakers of Bond 25 (which we'll get to shortly) that presently leave the film without a director. While there have been reports that the release will subsequently be pushed back to 2020 or later, it appears that Eon is still hoping to make November 8, 2019, just over 14 months away.

That would seem entirely unattainable for most, but the Bond franchise has a history with tight schedules; Spectre didn't begin filming until 11 months before its release. Although, given the quality of the movie, that was a mistake and indeed, it would be churlish to try that tactic again.

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Is This Really Daniel Craig’s Last Bond Movie?

Daniel Craig Bond

By the time Bond 25 is released, Craig will be the longest-serving Bond because of the gaps between movies. However, he won't beat the late Roger Moore's record of playing 007 a whopping (and fitting) seven times as Craig has said this will be his last.

After many negative comments about the franchise and the character itself, many feel that at this stage, Craig isn't doing the role for the fun or prestige that playing such an iconic character will bring. Rather, he's just going through the motions and collecting a big fat paycheck at the end. Then again, Craig has said he wants to play the special agent one more time as he'd like to go out on a high. Maybe, given that Spectre struggled in comparison to the far more superior Skyfall, Craig wants one last shot at starring in a top quality James Bond movie.

Of course, anything is open to change, but as it stands Bond 25 will be Craig's final movie.

Who’s Directing And What Happened With Danny Boyle?

Danny Boyle Bond 25

Up until mid-August 2018, Danny Boyle was set to direct Bond 25. He joined the project earlier in the year with a challenging script from John Hodge. However, not anymore.

The official statement said that Danny Boyle quite Bond 25 over "creative differences". Of course, we all know that's the old adage trotted out whenever there's been a fundamental disagreement on the creative team. So what was the exact reason? No one really knows; Boyle hasn't spoken on the subject and neither have Daniel Craig or Bond producer Barbara Broccoli - and neither are they likely to right now. A report in the British news suggested that producers weren't happy with the script's focus on a modern-day cold war with Russia, and what really pushed Boyle over the edge was Craig vetoing his casting of Tomasz Kot as the main Bond villain. Craig has final say in all castings and so, when he said no, Boyle waved goodbye. That's just a rumor, but it's worth noting that Boyle doesn't usually work on big budget movies owing to the lack of creative control, so it's likely that there were issues on both sides.

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At present. Bond 25 has no director. The most recent rumor is that Jean-Marc Vallee has been approached. He has no directing projects lined up, and he's said previously that a Bond movie would be a fun thing to do. Given his Oscar nomination for Dallas Buyers Club and great success with his TV projects like Big Little Lies and Sharp Objects, so could be a great choice.

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