Bond 25: First Official Image of Daniel Craig as 007

Daniel Craig as James Bond

The first official image from Bond 25 has been released. In less than a year Daniel Craig will be back up on the big screen as everybody's favorite 00 Agent. Craig has played 007 in a total of four movies, beginning with Casino Royale back in 2006. While many fans have enjoyed Craig as James Bond, Bond 25 will be his last outing as the famous character.

Bond 25 has gone through a lot of changes since it was first announced. For months it wasn't even known if Craig would be returning to the role, which made people speculate on who could be the next James Bond. Craig confirmed he is returning back in August 2017, but Bond 25 will be his last time playing the character. Danny Boyle was also going to be directing but dropped out supposedly over a dispute about the villain. The film is now being directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga, who started production on Bond 25 at the end of March. Fans have already gotten set photos reuniting Craig with Jeffrey Wright, but now the first official look at Bond 25 has been released.

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The first look of Craig as Bond was posted yesterday on the official James Bond Twitter account. The tweet revealed that the crew were filming around Whitehall in London, as well as showed off an Aston Martin V8, which was the car Timothy Dalton drove in The Living Daylights. The Twitter account also revealed a set photo of Craig meeting the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment, as well as a set video of Craig filming a scene with the Aston Martin V8. All three of the tweets can be seen below:

While it looks like Bond 25 is making progress with filming, there's no denying that the project had been facing an uphill battle even after Craig and Fukunaga were officially signed on. In May, the production was stopped due to Craig injuring his ankle while filming a scene in Jamaica. That being said, the incident didn't affect the release date since Craig's injury wasn't too severe. About a month later, another crew member was injured after a controlled explosion went awry, resulting in damage to a soundstage and minor injuries to the crew member.

These set photos don't really reveal much about the film, but fans at this point will likely be happy to see anything 007 related. By the time Bond 25 is released, it will have been 5 years since Spectre hit theaters. While Craig's time in the role has been mainly well-received thanks to films like Casino Royale and SkyfallQuantum of Solace and Spectre did receive less positive reviews. Hopefully Bond 25 lives up to people's expectations so that Craig's journey as 007 can end on a high note.

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Source: James Bond Twitter

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