Bombshell Trailer: Charlize Theron & Margot Robbie Take On Fox News

One Media officially releases a teaser trailer for Bombshell, director Jay Roach's film about the Roger Ailes/Fox News scandal.

Charlize Theron Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie in Bombshell

A trailer for Bombshell, director Jay Roach's film about the Roger Ailes/Fox News scandal, is officially released online. Featuring an all-star cast that includes Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, and Margot Robbie, Bombshell was originally set up at Annapurna Pictures before the studio had to drop it due their mounting financial struggles. Despite that, Roach and company completed the film, which is set for release in December 2019.

With the 2020 Oscar race coming into clearer focus, Bombshell remains one of the greater unknowns. On paper, its subject matter is timely and necessary, plus it's hard to argue with the pedigree of the A-list cast. It remains to be seen if the film can shake things up in the race this year, but now viewers can get their first look at it via an official trailer.

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Today, One Media shared the preview online. You can watch it for yourself in the space below:

Not seen in the trailer is Jonathan Lithgow as Roger Ailes, the former Fox News chairman and CEO who was accused of sexual harassment during his tenure. Still, Ailes' presence looms large due to the recognizable Fox News logo, which helps clue viewers into what this film is tackling. Consisting of essentially a single sequence with barely any dialogue, the trailer is still able to make audiences uneasy due to the ominous musical score and the body language of Robbie's Kayla Pospisil. She's clearly uncomfortable during her elevator ride, most likely because of a stressful work environment. Another notable aspect of the trailer is Theron's eerie transformation into Megyn Kelly. The Oscar-winning actress bears an uncanny resemblance to the news anchor here, and it should be a treat to see her full performance. Kidman stars as Gretchen Carlson, the anchor who filed a lawsuit against Ailes in 2016.

As of now, Bombshell is not screening at any of the prestigious fall festivals, which makes its awards prospects difficult to gauge. The trailer makes it apparent this is an Oscar play, citing the accolades of the three leading ladies in title cards. Screenwriter Charles Randolph is an Oscar winner himself, taking home a trophy for his work on The Big Short a few years ago. On that film, he demonstrated a keen ability to package a dark period in America's history in a way that was accessible and thought-provoking. So, something like Bombshell should be in Randolph's wheelhouse and will hopefully find some success when it releases this December.

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Source: One Media

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