Bold Films Developing Action Thriller 'Psy-Ops'

Bold Films (The Hole) has snagged the psychological action thriller Psy-Ops, which was conceived by director Scott Stewart (Legion, Priest) and written by Gus Krieger, writer of the upcoming psychological thriller The Killing Room.

Psy-Ops will tell the tale of a covert U.S. military unit of "psychological operatives," whose specialty is "exploiting their target's deepest fears." During a routine mission (funny term for a covert specialty unit) to the Amazon, the Psy-Ops discover something even THEY are afraid of.

At first glance I thought this film was about psychic soldiers at war (See: The Men Who Stare At Goats). On the one hand that mistaken impression seems like a much more interesting concept; on the other hand, it's also a concept that I've been developing as a film-in-my-head for some time now, so I was relieved when I realized this Psy-Ops flick was about something totally different (I'd better get to work on my idea!).

According to THR, Bold Films wants to make Psy-Ops something of a Predators-meets-Black Hawk Down type movie. I guess that means having combat soldiers stranded in a war zone facing overwhelming (otherworldly?) odds, but I'm not sure how the whole "psychological operative" twist is going to be employed. Here's hoping the final product isn't some kind of AVPR clone...

We have yet to see either Legion or Priest, two (quasi-biblical-themed) action films Stewart is helming - although the trailer for the former looks to be somewhat promising.

Stewart is producing Psy-Ops with Bold Film's David Lancaster and Michel Litvak. Gary Michael Walters is exec producing.

No word yet on when Bold hopes to have Psy-Ops in theaters. Will keep you updated.

Does the film sound promising to you?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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