BoJack Horseman Season 4 Trailer: Where Has BoJack Gone?

Will Arnett’s eponymous equine actor has gone AWOL in the first BoJack Horseman season 4 trailer. Season 3 of the Netflix animated show left off with a powerful image; a dejected BoJack drove away from everything, and contemplated suicide, only to stop and stare as a herd of horses ran majestically across the planes. Few animated sitcoms can muster the emotional complexity that this ending conveyed.

That brilliant closing scene was perfectly in step with the excellence that preceded it. BoJack Horseman season 3 was widely regarded as the show’s best run yet, with particular praise being piled on the almost-dialogue-free underwater episode, “Fish Out of Water”. The show was renewed for its fourth season shortly after the third’s arrival on Netflix, much to fans’ delight.

It remains to be seen what state the washed-up former sitcom star will be in during season 4. This trailer doesn’t offer much insight into that, opting to keep BoJack’s presence in the promo video to a minimum. You’ll have to wait until the show returns next month to hear Arnett delivering dialogue as BoJack again, but this trailer still offers a lot to enjoy (and scary dentist clowns).

Set to the deceptively cheery sounds of Saint Motel’s pop track “Cold Cold Man”, this trailer is firmly focused on the show’s supporting cast: love is in the air for Amy Sedaris’ Princess Carolyn, Paul F. Tompkins’ Mr. Peanutbutter is running for governor, Aaron Paul’s Todd is up to his usual ridiculous antics, and Alison Brie’s Diane Nguyen is working on a blog and leaving a lengthy answer phone message for BoJack. As Diane points out, BoJack poured his heart out before driving into the sunset at the end of last season.

Although the lack of new BoJack scenes is somewhat frustrating, you could argue that there isn’t much need for this trailer to tease the character's future. Fans already know what will be on Bojack’s mind, based on where last season finished: presumably, he’ll be reeling from his Oscar snub, trying to rectify his romantic failings, and dealing - at some point - with the revelation that he has a daughter.

Excitement is mounting as BoJack Horseman’s return inches closer to Netflix. Fans are longing for BoJack to get his affairs in order, even though there wouldn’t be much of a show left if he did. It will also be a tough task for the series to live up to its highly impressive third season. Fingers remain crossed.

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BoJack Horseman season 4 premieres on September 8.

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