BoJack Horseman Renewed for Season 4 By Netflix

Will Arnett and Amy Sedaris BoJack Horeseman Season 3

Netflix’s Bojack Horseman is a dark, hilarious animated comedy that gets a great deal more critical respect than you’d expect from a show about a talking cartoon horse who regularly has sex with humans, while living in a universe where humans and animals interact seamlessly. The story of a horse (voiced by Will Arnett) who’s a washed-up former sitcom star, the series has been frequently praised for its dark laughs, for its sharp Hollywood satire and for its devastatingly accurate description of clinical depression. It even earned Critics Choice Award nominations last year.

The series, created by Raphael Bob-Waksberg, also features first-rate voice work by the likes of Alison Brie, Paul F. Tompkins, Amy Sedaris, Aaron Paul and even Keith Olbermann (as a newscaster who’s also a whale). The series’ third season debuted on Netflix Friday - you can read our review of it here - and now there’s already word that we’re getting more of it.

On the heals of the arrival of Season 3Bojack Horseman has been renewed for a fourth season, the network announced on Twitter (see below). This was accompanied by a press release email from Netflix which stated “Haaaaay there! In case you didn't hear it straight from the horses mouth!:

guys. season 4... it's happening! #ibingedtoohardlastnight #thankyoutomyfans #hopeyouarelovingseason3

— BoJack Horseman (@BoJackHorseman) July 22, 2016

In case you don't follow the show - in which case, that probably looks pretty weird - the picture above shows a passed-out Bojack, an “I binged so hard last night” pun, as well as empty beer bottles, a broken Oscar with a horse’s head, and what looks like a poster of the Bojack-starring biopic of the legendary race horse Secretariat, which has figured in the plot throughout the series so far. Even if you haven’t watched season 3 yet, this seems a safe bet for what to expect in season 4.

The renewal of Bojack Horseman is not exactly the biggest surprise; it’s a popular, well-reviewed and well-regarded series, showing no signs of wear and tear or running out of ideas. And besides, Netflix rarely cancels its shows, since it doesn't have to worry about fitting them into time slots. Bojack is also a rare post-Arrested Development series for Will Arnett that has found sustained success. 

The question is, how many seasons of television can Bojack Horseman's premise sustain? Based on what we've seen so far, probably quite a few of them.

Bojack Horseman season 3 is now streaming on Netflix. Season 4 will debut at an undetermined time.

Source: Netflix

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