Every Queen Song In Bohemian Rhapsody

Along with Rami Malek's portrayal of Freddie Mercury, Queen's music is the real star of Bohemian Rhapsody. Here are all 22 songs heard in the film.

Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody with Queen Music

Bohemian Rhapsody is a true showcase for the music of Queen. Despite director Bryan Singer's film garnering some brutal reviews, the electrifying lead performance by Rami Malek as the late Freddie Mercury is properly receiving widespread praise. However, the real star of Bohemian Rhapsody is the music. Queen fans won't be disappointed by the soundtrack.

The remaining members of the band, especially guitarist Brian May (who is played by Gwilym Lee), were involved with production since the film's inception. Despite Bryan Singer being fired as director, his longtime collaborator John Ottman remained to compose the score. However, Bohemian Rhapsody is very reliant on Queen's music; along with working with a movement coach to replicate Freddie Mercury's body language on stage, Malek also sings in the film; a combination of Malek's real vocals, vocal stems from Queen songs, and fill-in vocals by Marc Mantel, a winner of the Queen Extravaganza Live Tour auditions, completes the cinematic resurrection of Freddie Mercury.

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Nearly two dozen of Queen's most beloved songs provides the soundtrack to the film. This, at times, makes Bohemian Rhapsody feel like a genuine concert. The film depicts the formation of the band in the 1970s, their rise to stardom, how many of their best songs - including the controversial titular track - were written, and concludes with Queen's legendary performance at Live Aid at Wembley Stadium on July 13, 1985 (which the film recreates nearly in its entirety).

Bohemian Rhapsody also strives to recognize which of the band members wrote which hit song, with a running joke that "I'm In Love With My Car" by drummer Roger Taylor (Ben Hardy) would never be a hit. Following their break up and reunion pre-Live Aid, the band made a pact that from that point on, all of their songs would be credited to Queen rather than any individual member.

Bohemian Rhapsody Queen Stage

There are a few inevitable song omissions and disappointments, such as including "Under Pressure" but not depicting Queen's collaboration with David Bowie, who is only fleetingly referenced in the film. The film also didn't address how Queen provided famous soundtracks for the 1980s sci-fi B-movie classics Flash Gordon and Highlander; "Who Wants To Live Forever", the signature song from Highlander is included and is given a new significance after Freddie is diagnosed with AIDS. Meanwhile, Flash Gordon isn't mentioned at all.

However, the sheer amount of music that is in Bohemian Rhapsody - not just the beloved stadium anthems but also a few deep cuts - is sure to delight Queen's longtime fans. The film is a celebration of the band's music as well as their irrepressible frontman.

From the famous "20th Century Fox Fanfare", which was reworked by Queen, that opens the film to "The Show Must Go On" playing over the closing credits, Bohemian Rhapsody's soundtrack is a Queen fan's dream come true. Here are all 22 tracks that are featured in the film (and the album they originated on):

"20th Century Fox Fanfare"

"Somebody To Love" (A Day at the Races)

"Keep Yourself Alive" (Queen)

"Seven Seas of Rhye" (Queen II)

"Killer Queen" (Sheer Heart Attack)

"Fat Bottomed Girls" (Jazz)

"Bohemian Rhapsody" (A Night at the Opera)

"Now I'm Here" (Sheer Heart Attack)

"Crazy Little Thing Called Love" (The Game)

"Love Of My Life" (A Night at the Opera)

"We Will Rock You" (News of the World)

"Another One Bites The Dust" (The Game)

"I Want To Break Free" (The Works)

"Under Pressure" (Hot Space)

"Who Wants To Live Forever" (A Kind of Magic)

"Radio Ga-Ga" (The Works)

"Ay-Oh" (Live)

"Hammer To Fall" (The Works)

"We Are The Champions" (News of the World)

"Don't Stop Me Now" (Jazz)

"The Show Must Go On" (Innuendo)

As well as hearing the songs in the movie itself, Bohemian Rhapsody's soundtrack is available to stream and purchase (and most Queen fans will own all the tracks anyway).

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