Does Bohemian Rhapsody Have A Post-Credits Scene (Or Song)?

Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury

Does Bohemian Rhapsody have a post-credits scene, or does the Queen movie just carry on, carry on, as if nothing really matters? The Freddie Mercury biopic has been under pressure thanks to high-profile director issues, thanks to the steadying hand of Dexter Fletcher, now it's here.

The movie follows Freddie Mercury from social misfit to worldwide superstar, charting his and Queen's rise, trials, tribulations and success, culminating in the 1985 Live Aid concert. There's almost two-dozen of the band's most famous songs littered throughout, so even though the reviews may be a little mixed, there's definitely enjoyment to be had - not least in Rami Malek's king of magic performance as Freddie Mercury.

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If you're wanting a little more of Malek after the movie's finished, however, you're going to be let down: Bohemian Rhapsody does not have a post-credits scene. After the text cards that explain what happened to the band after the Live Aid show, there's no more movie left; if you want it all, you got it all. However, there is still some Queen: first, "Don't Stop Me Now" finishes with video of the real band singing, and then "The Show Must Go On" plays over the credits. While these are both songs that will have rocked Queen fans many times, it's certainly worth sticking around to listen to them in the theater.

Given that Bohemian Rhapsody ends six years before Freddie's death, there's certainly going to be an interest in seeing a little more of the band's journey in some form of post-credits scene. However, the movie's story is over: it's about how the formed and came back together, culminating in their scintillating twenty-minute set at Live Aid. While there's more story - Freddie's battle with AIDS - it's not what the movie was concerned with, for better or ill.

This would have once been very different. It's been claimed that an earlier version of Bohemian Rhapsody, set to star Sacha Baron Cohen, would have Freddie Mercury's death halfway through then focus on Queen's later works. That would have covered some of the time missing in the released film, but would also skew the movie away from the lead singer. That take was just another version of the movie that bit the dust, of course.

If you're hungry for more Queen after Bohemian Rhapsody and the songs over the end-credits, there's plenty of options. The movie's soundtrack album is available now (as is the band's entire back catalog), while numerous documentaries dive deeper into the story that was rushed over here.

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