Bodyguard Trailer: Richard Madden Stars In Netflix's Political Thriller

In the trailer for Netflix's new political thriller TV show Bodyguard, Game of Thrones star Richard Madden falls in love with the enemy.

Already a hit in the United Kingdom, Bodyguard features Madden as Sergeant David Budd - an Afghanistan war veteran that’s separated from his wife and married with two kids. When he’s assigned to protect the Conservative party’s Home Secretary (High Rise’s Keeley Hawes), morals and possible manipulation make life incredibly challenging, all the while external threats put the public in danger. Bodyguard was written and created by Jed Mercurio - an author, former Royal Air Officer, and experienced television writer. Netflix’s distribution of Bodyguard bring a familiar concept to American audiences, albeit with a unique British premise.

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Today, Netflix released Bodyguard’s official trailer, in which Madden’s conflicted character exudes professionalism in public while losing his sense of self by literally sleeping with the enemy. Watch the trailer below.

Driven by a pounding score, the clip first establishes the main players and potential motives for all parties involved. From sequence to sequence, Madden displays a stern gaze, seemingly a man that won’t be broken. After a car accident that leaves the Home Secretary bloody and terrified, Budd - the prototypical professional bodyguard - attempts to process damning portraits of his subject, with the trailer’s imagery hinting at physical reminders of his past. In the trailer’s climax, a bombing suggests that Budd may have not only failed himself and those who warned him, but also the innocent. Overall, the trailer’s visual style and pacing suggests the series itself will be more overt than subtle with its central themes and depiction of violence.

Bodyguard originally premiered on BBC One last August, with the six-episode season 1 run coming to an end on September 23. Shot in London, the political thriller was positively received by critics and widely viewed, opening the doors for a Netflix distribution deal. With Madden, Bodyguard offers a familiar face for Game of Thrones fans, as the Scottish actor portrayed Robb Stark in 21 episodes over of the first three seasons. Since exiting the iconic HBO series, Madden appeared in Medici: Masters of Florence, Amazon’s Electric Dreams, and also the poorly-received Netflix film Ibiza. In 2019, Madden will appear as Elton John’s longtime manager John Reid in the biopic Rocketman.

Given the polarizing dynamics of U.S. politics, Bodyguard will surely intrigue American Netflix subscribers. In addition, the British narrative may offer valuable insight into the characters' perspectives, objectivity, and how they cope when daily societal drama feels overwhelming.

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Bodyguard debuts October 24 on Netflix.

Source: Netflix

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