Bodyguard's Shocking Ending Explained

What Was The Big Deal Over Bodyguard's Kompromat?

The word kompromat was used an awful lot in Bodyguard. But, as fancy as it sounds,  really it's just an amalgamation of the words compromising material; documents, videos, or recordings that could compromise someone's position. In this instance, the kompromat was information on the Prime Minister including drug abuse, a sexual assault scandal, and financial wrongdoings. Julia had made a deal with the Secret Service; she promised them greater powers under the RIPA 18 act if they gave her access to the kompromat, allowing her to effectively bring down the Prime Minister and launch a leadership bid.

After Julia's death, the Secret Service needed to get the kompromat back because its existence would implicate them in the attempted coup. Richard Longcross realized that David must have it. David knew he'd go looking, and told the police of its whereabouts, knowing Longcross would be listening in. That led Longcross to David's apartment, where he got a face full of pepper spray, but no kompromat. Though it was never properly shown or explained, at some point David moved the kompromat from its hiding place in his apartment and burying it in the yard. While trapped in a suicide vest, David lead the police and his wife, Vicky, to the site, where she dug it up and handed it over. The police then leaked the kompromat information, resulting in resignations from the Prime Minister and the head of the Secret Service.

Who Changed The Bullets in David's Gun?

David's battle with PTSD was highlighted repeatedly throughout Bodyguard, and it was great to see him finally accessing the help he needed. Before he got that, though, he tried to take his own life after Julia's death, only for the bullet in his gun to be a blank. It was eventually revealed that his bullets were swapped out by people working for Luke Aitkens; knowing they'd want David around to be their fall guy, they couldn't take the risk of him taking such a drastic action.

It's a bit of a lame explanation, in all honesty. How did Aitkens know David had suicidal tendencies? How did he know he'd turn to his gun when Julia died? One suggestion is that Aitkens wasn't actually trying to prevent a suicide attempt; he was more concerned that David would try to use the gun on him. After all, David made sure he was armed for his and Chanel's "date" and Aitkens made a point of asking him what the gun was loaded with, knowing it was blanks.

What Next For Bodyguard In Season 2?

Bodyguard gave a happy ending of sorts for David, who accessed psychiatric help for his PTSD. He also seemed to be on track for getting back together with Vicky and was seeing his kids regularly. Lorraine Craddock and Luke Aitkens were charged and presumably imprisoned, the Prime Minister and head of Secret Service both resigned, and Anne Sampson remained as the head of the Metropolitan Police.

At the time of writing, no Bodyguard season 2 has been confirmed just yet, although Mercurio has said he's in discussions with the BBC for more of the show, which, he hopes, could lead on to 3 or 4 seasons. Madden would hopefully be back as David Budd; Mercurio has suggested we might see him on duty protecting a member of the Royal Family or a foreign dignitary.

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