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Bob's Burgers is a show with personality. It is silly, heartwarming, and undeniably weird, cultivating one of the most enduring fanbases of television shows today. What keeps those fans watching is, of course, its characters. The denizens of Bob's restaurant world are sometimes brilliant, sometimes erratic, and always comedic. But what's really funny is that, despite their weirdness, the folks on Bob's Burgers are actually pretty relatable. And there might just be a way to know why. The Myers-Briggs® personality test categorizes people, real and fictional, by a set of shared characteristics. We took a look at some of our favorite characters and their Myers-Briggs® characteristics and the results were, to say the least, enlightening. Fire up the grill and put on some weird dance music, comedy fans. Here are Bob's Burgers characters by Myers-Briggs® personality type.

10. Jimmy Pesto Jr. - INFJ

Tina Belcher's on-again/off-again boyfriend has very complicated feelings. He is very inward-thinking, often finding personal meaning in things and clutching them to his heart. However, his emotions rarely stay inside, often coming out in the form of (just awful) dance. Like other INFJs, this attraction to the arts is where he finds the most meaning. It's the center of his dreams, the idealistic and imaginative visions of what he wants to do with his life. For a person so young, Jimmy is self-confident in his image of himself. That image is a grinding lunatic who dresses like a gas station employee, but the important part is that he's confident.

9. Tammy - ESTJ

ESTJs are outspoken and assertive; they're not afraid to take charge in any situation. Unfortunately, that can lead to some of them taking on a "mean girl" attitude, and that's definitely the case with Tina's best frenemy, Tammy. The Jenny Slate-voiced teenage terror doesn't like when she's not at the head of the group, and she'll viciously go after any perceived threat to her popularity. In fact, she really doesn't like a change in the status quo at all. She often taunts others who don't stay in their place. Still, like every character on Bob's Burgers, she does show some rare moments of humanity. They're just, well, very rare.

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8. Mr. Fischoeder - ENTP

Mr. Fischoeder is an idea man. He's always got a way to capitalize on every opportunity, turning every situation he comes across into a cash grab. He approaches life energetically and with vigor, truly enjoying even some the cruel schemes he comes up with. Like other ENTPs, Mr. Fischoeder doesn't care for small details, and he hates being told what to do. He is independent in an occasionally dangerous way, putting himself and his money above the people around him. He's the perfect out-of-touch, morally apathetic rich person to play off the Bob's Burgers morality tales. It's always fun to watch characters with a sense of right and wrong navigate his schemes. In a way, he's the closest thing Bob's Burgers has to an arch-villain.

7. Gayle - INFP

Like Jimmy Jr., Linda's sister Gayle is a very inward-thinking person. Jimmy, however, is a lot more stable. Gayle is sensitive to an obsessive degree, internally turning imagined slights into eternal feuds and meaningless interactions into explosive romance. INFPs won't commit to things that they can't value, and though her values may be constantly fluctuating, this is absolutely true of Gayle. Like her fellow INFPs and many of the crazy characters on Bob's Burgers, Gayle is an artist. She enjoys music, crafting, and painting. And if you think she doesn't make each of those uncomfortably sexual, you should watch more of the Gayle episodes.

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6. Teddy - ISFJ

Teddy, Bob's best friend and most loyal customer, really values family. Technically, it's Bob's family and not his, but that trait firmly cements him as an ISFJ. They thrive in environments where loyalty is rewarded, and though Teddy doesn't actually thrive anywhere, he's most positive when he's around cohesive units. Teddy is a handyman, so he'll offer hands-on assistance with people's problems, just like any other types Myers-Brigg®s labels "Practical Helpers." Finally, ISFJs don't care too much for change, and since Teddy orders the same food literally every day, it's safe to say he shares that quality.

5. Louise - INTP

Recently, we published a Star Wars Myers-Briggs® article labeling Emperor Palpatine as an INTP. And if someone asked "Hey, which Bob's Burgers character is closest to Emperor Palpatine?" there would really only be one answer. Despite being the youngest in the Belcher clan, Louise Belcher is a master of manipulation. She can come up with complex, adult plans to her childhood problems and implement them with precision. She hates following anyone else's rules, and though she's fine with her closest associates (her siblings), she doesn't care to make connections with too many people. Louise is a brilliant, devious, self-reliant character, and it's only a matter of time before FOX sponsors a gritty crime drama with her in the lead. Watch out, Walter White.

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4. Gene - ENFP

The term "free spirit" usually doesn't refer to a socially oblivious 10-year-old, but it applies to Gene, nonetheless. As true free spirits, ENFPs approach their lives and their art with uncompromising energy; they're committed to their goals as much as they are confident in their ability to achieve them. Like many ENFPs, Gene is a musician, and just because his keyboard is made of dogs barking and fart sounds doesn't mean he hasn't written some fine stuff. Even if you don't like it, Gene wouldn't care. The meaning he finds in his own craft is good enough for him. Still, in true ENFP fashion, he is absolutely unashamed to show it to you.

3. Tina - ISFP

Is there a better hero on TV than Tina Belcher? (No, you answer correctly.) Tina's shining qualities are everything good about ISFPs. She is sensitive but unselfish, using her empathy to encourage others and help them grow. She's a lover of harmony between the people in her life, always ready to come up with a compromise that's best for everyone. Out of everyone on Bob's Burgers, Tina probably has the strongest sense of morality, and her ISFP personality means that she'll stick to those values even when it's hard. Plus, Tina's love of horses proves that she's got an affinity for nature, which is a pretty common trait in ISFP circles. Finally, Tina is romantically attracted to zombies, which... I actually don't know what to do with that one. Anyway TINA FOREVER!

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2. Linda - ESFP

The emotional center of Bob's Burgers is the Belcher family, and the heart of the Belcher family is Linda. Like any true extrovert, Linda is supercharged by being around the people she loves and potential new friends. She is endlessly adaptable to new situations and will always find the positive in whatever they come out to be. Linda is a born entertainer, the most artistic person on the show despite not have a specific talent, like dance or music. Honestly, Linda Belcher just loves life. It's part of what makes her an ESFP, but more importantly, it's what makes her such an important part of the show. We love that Linda loves life. Maybe we should love it a bit more too.

1. Bob - ISTJ

Every good comedic duo needs a "straight man." That's the character that reacts logically to the goofiness of their partner, acting as a sort of grounding for the humor to make sense. However, Bob's Burgers isn't a comedic duo, it's an ensemble show, so they'd need a bunch of straight men, right? Wrong. Bob Belcher is pretty much the only normal person in his insane world, an eternal Abbott to a world of Costellos. He's sensible and logical, which not only makes him the comedic grounding in the show, but it also clearly labels him as an ISTJ. They prefer order and step-by-step plans, and in real life, are actually often attracted to careers in restaurant management. This personality makes Bob a perfect focus for the show, relating it to the audience by showing he's just like us. Well, just like us with better facial hair.

Which other Bob's Burgers characters deserve the Myers-Briggs® treatment? Are there any on this list you think we got wrong? Let us know in the comments section below!

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