Bob’s Burgers: 5 Things Confirmed For The Movie (& 5 Things Fans Want To See)

Bob’s Burgers, which features Bob, Linda, Tina, Gene and Louise Belcher, is about a family who owns and runs a hamburger restaurant. It has been called one of the best cartoons ever, it has won awards, it has tons of fans, and next year, it will get its own film.

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What will Bob's Burgers: The Movie give the world? What can be expected? And what do people want to see? What could happen in it? Down below, we will discuss five things that have been confirmed for this flick, as well as five things that the people want to see!

10 Confirmed: It’s Coming Next Year 

Back in the year 2017, Fox first mentioned that a movie based on the TV show Bob's Burgers was going to happen. In the summer of 2018, the script for said movie was submitted and accepted by the studios. July 17, 2020 was the first date put out, in regards to a release date. However, the person who provides a voice for Linda Belcher, John Roberts, said the movie may come a bit later than that. 

9 Want: An Explanation For The Bunny Ears

There are not many rumors out there for what Bob's Burgers: The Movie will be all about, so imaginations are running wild on what could possibly be shown. However, one social media reply from Loren Bouchard, the creator of the show, did hint at a backstory on Louise Belcher’s pink bunny ears.

When this series first came out, people were probably a bit confused as to why this young character was always seen in this accessory. Now, though, it is a staple. It is expected. But to hear an origin story and a reasoning would be amazing!

8 Confirmed: It Will Feature All The Familiar Voices

Already, IMDb lists out the following people under the cast of this flick, and all of these people are the actors and actresses who currently provide these voices on this television series: H. Jon Benjamin as Bob Belcher, John Roberts as Linda Belcher, Dan Mintz as Tina Belcher, Eugene Mirman as Gene Belcher and Kristen Schaal as Louise Belcher. Besides the main family members, Larry Murphy as Teddy is also listed out here, which is great, since Teddy is such a big part of this story.

7 Want: More Familiar Voices

There are so many amazing supporting characters on this show, and we want to see more of them! What about Andrew "Andy Pesto" and Oliver "Ollie Pesto" Poplopovich, twins who are voiced by Laura Silverman and Sarah Silverman? What about Jimmy Pesto, Jr.?

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He is also voiced by H. Jon Benjamin, and Tina’s story would not be complete without him. What about Mr. Frond, the school guidance counselor who is voiced by David Herman? And, of course, there is Gayle, who is voiced by Megan Mullally and who always provides so much entertainment. 

6 Confirmed: It Will Please Fans

In an interview with Deadline, Loren Bouchard stated that this flick will "scratch every itch the fans of the show have ever had". He said it will appeal to those who have never even seen it. He said it will be filled with colors and sounds and “the ever so slightly greasy texture of the world of Bob’s”. He said it will focus on an exciting adventure. And he said that it has to be “the best movie ever made”. 

Sure, fans have high expectations, but any big-scale version of this show is bound to be fantastic, right? 

5 Want: Never-Before-Seen Excitement

Since this television series has been on the air since 2011, it has shown off so much over the years. From normal days at the restaurant and family holidays to romance and flashbacks, there is always something going on with this group. 

With a full-length film, though, there does need to be something extra. We still need to see the scenes and moments we are used to, but as Bouchard said, there does need to be a new adventure that will feature the characters like never before. And we can’t wait to see what that will be!

4 Confirmed: It Will Have A Louise/Kuchi Kopi Subplot

Besides the hint, mentioned above, about a backstory on Louise and her pink bunny ear accessory, another Louise subplot has been mentioned. Apparently, this movie that is coming next year will also involve parts that focus on Louise and her night light, Kuchi Kopi, inside a fantasy world.

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Within this show, this green guy has been seen in a book, on a toothbrush, on a bag, on walkie talkies and, of course, as a nightlight. He was also featured in fantasties already (Bob’s and Louise's), so it will be interesting to see what is next for him.

3 Want: Silliness

Like most adult comedy shows, this one exists to entertain fans and to make them laugh. Bob’s Burgers, in particular, really goes there, with parodies, songs (which is elaborated on below), fantasties (which is mentioned above) and over-the-top plots that star average people who do average things. 

Once again, since this is going to be like one really long episode, there is tons of time and tons of room for silliness! Throw it all in it. Do it all. Show it all off. Give all fans the Belchers at their finest. 

2 Confirmed: It’s Going To Be A Musical

When it comes to genre, Bob's Burgers: The Movie will be animated, since the show is done in a cartoon style. It will be a comedy, since this is a story full of laughs. And it will be a musical!

In the past, several of these characters have been caught singing and dancing, and this series did give the world a holiday classic about a gravy boat. A whole movie with tunes is going to be beyond fantastic. 

1 Want: A Good Movie

TV shows can get turned into movies. Movies can become television shows. Books can get brought to the big screen. More details on famous people can be given through visual stories. At times, these additions are awesome, but other times, they are a miss.

Bob’s Burgers is a celebrated and beloved thing, and while it seems like it would be hard to mess it up, one can never tell. So whatever this new work brings, let’s just hope that, overall, it is GOOD.

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