The Ultimate Bob’s Burgers Gift Guide

When Bob’s Burgers first premiered back in 2011, it didn’t make a huge splash. Its focus on character-driven humor and real-life family situations made it the lesser-known cult favorite cousin of louder, albeit less great shows like The Simpsons and Family Guy.

However, in recent years, wider audiences have been taking notice. Fox has even commissioned a movie based on the show that will get an actual theatrical release in 2020. There are more and more fans of the show every single day, so you’re bound to know one whose birthday or another event is coming up soon. So, here is a definitive Bob’s Burgers Gift Guide.

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10 Bob’s Burgers: The Complete Series Collection Season 1-8

GET IT NOW: $49.99

Any Bob’s Burgers fan needs to have the show on DVD. At any given moment, a fan might suddenly want to watch an episode or ten of the show, and in that instance, it will be infinitely handy to have every episode so far available on home media.

Whether you get the urge to watch the one where Bob becomes a taxi driver, the one set in a seemingly haunted house, or the one where an uncredited Jon Hamm plays a talking toilet, you need to have the whole series on DVD to be able to get your fix when that happens.

9 Monopoly Bob’s Burgers Board Game

GET IT NOW: $28.29

Everyone loves a game of Monopoly, but a Bob’s Burgers fan will love it even more with a version of the game based specifically on the show. All the locations are taken from the show, like Wonder Wharf, and the board is decorated with the characters and the show’s signature color scheme.

There’s a game piece for every character – Bob, Linda, Gene, Louise, Tina, and even Teddy – so whoever is your favorite, you can play as them in the game. Of course, there might be a fight over who gets to be Tina, but the other characters are hilarious, too, so a compromise should be able to be reached.

8 The Bob’s Burgers Burger Book: Real Recipes for Joke Burgers

GET IT NOW: $13.36

While Bob’s Burgers (the restaurant) might not be as successful as Jimmy Pesto’s Italian restaurant across the street, it’s pretty well-established on the show that Bob’s food is better. He keeps his kitchen clean, he puts a lot of care into every dish he prepares, and he’s honed his recipes over a long time in the restaurant business.

He even has a new burger – with a new punny name – every single day. So, any fan of the character – and by extension, the show – will want to own a cookbook with all 75 of his “Burger of the Day” recipes.

7 Bob’s Burgers Talking Burger Button

GET IT NOW: $10.00

On the surface, this looks like a neat little toy burger, which is fun on its own, but it’s actually a button that plays quotes from Bob’s Burgers if you squeeze it. There are classic lines from Bob, Linda, Gene, Louise, and Tina for a grand total of 25 quotes from the show that play each time you press down on the burger.

It’ll provide any fan of Bob’s Burgers with endless fits of laughter. And as if that’s not tantalizing enough, the button also comes with a 48-page book with full-color images from the show and quotes in written form.

6 Bob’s Burgers Edition Jenga Game

GET IT NOW: $27.98

We all know how Jenga is played. The wooden blocks are stacked up into a tower and you and the other players take turns removing the blocks while trying to keep the structure still standing, and if the tower falls, then you lose the game.

However, this Bob’s Burgers edition of Jenga takes things one step further by having each player play as a character from the show – Bob, Linda, Tina, Gene, Louise, or Teddy – trying to make their way up the tower before it falls. Furthermore, the blocks themselves represent the ingredients of a burger. This is the Bob’s Burgers edition of Jenga in every possible sense.

5 Funko POP! Animation Bob’s Burgers Tina Action Figure

GET IT NOW: $29.94

Tina Belcher is everyone’s insecure, socially awkward, empowered, confident, self-loving, feminist hero. She’s easily the most popular character on the show, since her most iconic moments were turned into memes and circulated around social media, eventually bringing in a new wave of fans to the show.

This Funko POP! action figure embodies the character perfectly, with her glasses, hairclip, button nose, and blue t-shirt. She’s even holding a little pink composition book with her erotic friend fiction story “Buttloose” in it. Any fan of Tina – which basically means any fan of Bob’s Burgers – would be blessed to have this on their mantle.

4 Bob’s Burgers Louise Beanie Hat

GET IT NOW: $22.21

Louise Belcher is, in many ways, mature for her age. She’s always hatching schemes and manipulating people in ways that only a full-grown adult should be able to do. But in many ways, she’s also just a little girl. She can’t help but become obsessed with the boy bands and pop stars that all the other girls fall in love with – and she’s never not wearing this hat.

Her little pink hat with the bunny ears seems to make her incredibly happy. You’ll never see her without it. This one from Ripple Junction will complete any cosplay – or just be comfortable being worn around the house.

3 Bob’s Burgers Louise Glass Mug with Removable Ears

GET IT NOW: $17.84

This glass mug with Louise on it is the perfect gift for any Bob’s Burgers fan because it’s fun, but it’s also functional – you could even say it puts the “fun” in “functional.” Whether you’re drinking a cup of soup or coffee or tea or even just water, this Louise mug with her classic line, “I smell fear on you,” written across it is the perfect way to consume it.

The lid is obviously modeled after the bunny-ears hat that Louise always wears. But unlike Louise’s hat, which will never, ever, ever come off under any circumstances, this lid is removable.

2 The Bob’s Burgers Music Album

GET IT NOW: $13.19

Most TV show soundtracks just contain other people’s songs that the producers of the show licensed to use in its episodes, but not Bob’s Burgers. Almost every episode of Bob’s Burgers contains a musical number, with the characters breaking into song and dance and the episodes devolving into a full-on animated music video based on each song.

Now, you can own all those songs on a two-disc album with a whopping 107 tracks. Of course, it opens with series creator Loren Bouchard’s iconic ukulele theme song, which is lovely on the ears and impossible to recreate with human vocal cords, but there are 106 other tracks after that.

1 Bob’s Burgers Tina and Louise Ceramic Figural Salt and Pepper Shakers

GET IT NOW: $16.99

All the characters in Bob’s Burgers have hilarious, yet also very sweet relationships with one another, like Bob and Teddy’s friendship or Linda and Gene’s healthy, masculinity-eschewing mother-son bond. Tina and Louise make a great duo, too, as Louise knows how to tap into Tina’s dark side and Tina knows how to keep Louise’s craziness in check.

They’re very different, and yet they work perfectly together – just like salt and pepper. What better way to celebrate that than by getting a couple of salt and pepper shakers that look exactly like ceramic versions of Tina and Louise? No Bob’s Burgers fan’s kitchen is complete without them.

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