Fincher to Direct Bobby Fischer Movie 'Pawn Sacrifice'

David Fincher's filmmaking style can easily be compared to a game of chess in its strategy, intelligence, and attention to detail. Now, the Oscar-nominated director (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) has aligned himself to direct upcoming biopic Pawn Sacrifice, the story of chess great Bobby Fischer.

That name may sound familiar because we already got a film about Fischer in 1993, entitled Searching For Bobby Fischer. Still, that  Joe Mantegna/Laurence Fishburne film was an indirect tale told through the eyes of a boy looking for the chess hero - this new film would be David Fincher's version of A Beautiful Mind.

After all, the comparisons between Bobby Fischer and Mind's John Nash are close, considering their at times frayed states of mind and escape from reality into a world of unique talent. The story, penned by Steven Wright, has been a hit in Hollywood, landing on the famous Black List (Hollywood's best unproduced scripts).

"The film chronicles the events leading up to [Fischer's]  famous world championship match against Boris Spassky."

It looks like Russians are back in the role of Hollywood's go-to villain, especially considering the implications of upcoming films like Iron Man 2. However, this Fischer storyline is good for the film. The Cold War chess match was a big story in the late 60s and people still don't really know it. Chess was the battlefield for supremacy of the mind, while space, the nuclear arms race, and the hockey rink served as venues for other cultural wars.

Remember why Rocky IV was so tolerable? It was that same (awesome) "America-hell-yeah!" approach. Imagine that, but with a well-written story and a legitimate director at the helm.

The cast for Pawn Sacrifice has not been announced, let alone assembled as far as we know - but with Tobey Maguire listed as a producer, don't be surprised if he ends up starring as well. He is a good fit for Fischer, not only physically but performance wise, considering his role in Brothers depicting a massive mental breakdown.

David Fincher is a busy man, announcing his involvement in the adaptation of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and finishing up the Facebook movie, The Social Network.

Pawn Sacrifice is slated for a 2013 release from Columbia Pictures.

Source: MovieWeb via Variety

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