Boba Fett Movie Being Cowritten By X-Men's Simon Kinberg

Simon Kinberg, who is known for producing Fox's X-Men films, will reportedly co-write the Boba Fett standalone movie alongside James Mangold. Mangold, who also set to direct that Lucasfilm project has worked with Kinberg in the past, most recently with the critically-acclaimed, Logan. Aside from his Star Wars gig, Kinberg is also busy working on X-Men: Dark Phoenixwhich will be his directorial debut.

Outside of the main saga, Lucasfilm has confirmed two projects in development: a trilogy from Star Wars: The Last Jedi helmer, Rian Johnson, and another series from Game of Thrones creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. Details on both projects are scant at the moment, but they won't have any direct link with the episodic movies. On top of these, persistent rumors also suggest that there are more Star Wars standalone movies on the way including ones that focus on certain characters like Obi-Wan Kenobi, Master Yoda and even Jabba the Hutt. But fans' current favorite topic of discussion is Mangold's supposed Boba Fett project.

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The report from THR details that Kinberg will be co-writing the story for the Anthology film centering on the famous bounty hunter with Mangold. Nothing is currently known regarding the plot details of the film, but many fans are especially excited about it because of Mangold's involvement. Kinberg is not new to franchise set in the galaxy far, far away. For a time, he was rumored to write (alongside Lawrence Kasdan) and produce Episode VIII and Star Wars: Episode IX. While that did not come into fruition, he remained involved by being one of the writers, producers, and co-creators of the recently finished animated TV, Star Wars Rebels, spearheaded by Dave Filoni.

In addition to that, Kinberg was also supposed to write the story to Josh Trank's Star Wars film. It was never confirmed what that flick is about, but rumor has it that it was, coincidentally, a vehicle for Boba Fett. What's more intriguing is, that film was already delayed to 2020 - a feasible release date for the Mangold/Kinberg-written movie if they've already started its development.

Lucasfilm remains mum on the reported project, and it's curious if the Disney subsidiary will release an official statement regarding the matter (they have still yet acknowledged the countless rumors about the supposed Obi-Wan film). That said, back in March, a separate report suggested that Kinberg is"currently writing a forthcoming Star Wars movie," corroborating with this latest intel.

Perhaps Lucasfilm actually plans to release a statement to address these rumors. After all, they're already due for another press event concerning their slate - after Solo: A Star Wars Story, they only have Episode IX left on their docket that actually has a release date. While it's possible that Kathleen Kennedy is waiting to make their big announcements at next year's Star Wars Celebration, the longer they leave these rumors unaddressed (regardless whether they're confirmed or denied), the more damage it can cause depending on how attached people have become to these speculations.

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Source: THR

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