Boba Fett Actor Gets Awesome Empire Strikes Back Armor

Boba Fett in Return Of The Jedi

Young Boba Fett actor Daniel Logan is all grown up appears primed to play the adult version of his character with some cool new Empire Strikes Back armor. While the Star Wars prequel trilogy wasn't widely embraced by critics and fans, the films at least established some crucial back story elements for the Episodes IV-VI. Boba Fett's origins, of course, were examined in Episode II: Attack of the Clones, which introduced fans to the beginning of the clone troopers (which would evolve into stormtroopers), as well as Jango Fett (Temuera Morrison), the feared bounty hunter father of Boba Fett (Logan).

Because of the character's young age, Logan, of course, didn't don Boba Fett's iconic armor in Attack of the Clones, but fans got an obvious look at what inspired the look of the helmet and uniform (albeit with different color schemes) with Jango's outfit.

Now, 15 years after Attack of the Clones, Logan at age of 30 is finally getting his chance to suit up as Boba Fett. In a new Instagram post, Logan is pictured in the bounty hunter's Empire Strikes Back armor and holding the helmet of the famed character, along with the costume's designer and seamstress. See the post below.

I also wanted to throw the #BIGGEST #SHOUTOUT #2 Just a few of my Armor Builders @wasted_fett who truly started the project and help me to get my very own #ESB #Armor and also @arkadydesigns who is an amazing #seamstress And did an amazing job on my #flightsuit she only measured me one time and fits like a glove ? Thanks guys can't wait to start trooping myself #spoilt #greatpeople #gotoguys

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Unless Logan is interested in some hardcore cosplay, the actor just may be dropping a not-so-subtle hint that he wants to play Boba Fett should the opportunity for a Star Wars spinoff movie present itself. After all, Logan has a strong argument to be in such a film, having played the younger version obviously and voiced the character in the animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars series.

Of course, wanting to be in a Star Wars film and actually being in one are two different things, and a lot must happen before Logan would even get a chance to be considered. With The Last JediEpisode IX and the young Han Solo movie all being in various stages of production right now, it may well be a few years before a Boba Fett spinoff sees the light of day. On top of that looms a possible Obi-Wan Kenobi spinoff movie (which Ewan McGregor is still interested in), which could delay the idea of a Fett movie even further.

Whenever the Boba Fett movie happens – given the enormous popularity of the character among fans, it seems inevitable – it's hard not to think Logan will at the very least throw his name in the hat for a chance to prove whether he has the presence to carry an entire movie on his shoulders. Until then, it's fun to see him live out his dreams of his character fully realized. Let's just hope the outfit comes with a bonus Sarlacc pit.

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