How Bob Odenkirk Feels About Being Saul Goodman Again

Bob Odenkirk Better Call Saul

After three seasons of Better Call Saul Bob Odenkirk says he'll miss playing the good-guy incarnation of the character we've lived with for three years. Though Jimmy McGill often engaged in ethically dubious behavior, the character always remained a likable person whose heart was ultimately in the right place, his humanity kept intact by his relationships with his brother Chuck (Michael McKean) and girlfriend/colleague Kim (Rhea Seehorn).

With the developments in the season 3 finale, including the heartbreaking final moments when we witnessed Chuck's total collapse and apparent suicide via gas lantern, the show gave a definite signal that season 4 will see the full-blown arrival of Saul Goodman as he was on Breaking Bad (it should be noted that the show has not officially been renewed but its creators are optimistic that it will be).

Odenkirk talked to UPROXX about the changes coming up for season 4 and expressed sadness that he will one day no longer get to play Jimmy McGill the lovable screw-up, a character he turned into a very rich and interesting person in the course of three seasons. He also appeared to openly confirm Chuck's death even though the season 3 finale left the question up in the air:

Michael McKean as Chuck in Better Call Saul Season 3 Episode 10

"[Jimmy McGill] is a more rewarding part than [Saul Goodman]. So, yes, I would miss the part that I’m playing now. I don’t think there is an extended period of time that we’ll be enjoying Saul’s ridiculousness. I think there will be a story to tell there, though. We’re not quite there yet. With Chuck gone, that is one of the two big things that are connecting him to humanity, and the other being Kim. When those pillars fall away, he’s in freefall. We’re fairly close to that. And then there’s some story to tell as Saul. Peter and Vince and I talked, and as a viewer myself and a fan of their storytelling, I want to understand what happened with Saul and Mike, and Nacho and Lalo, who I’ve never met, none of us have met, that leads to all the stuff that goes on in Breaking Bad."

Odenkirk also discussed the seldom-seen third incarnation of his character, Omaha Cinnabon manager Gene, expressing hope that we'll get to see more of Gene in the coming years:

"Also, frankly, I would like to see what happens to Gene, the character Saul is post-Breaking Bad. I hope they’ll give some story to him. I think they will. They’re talking about it. So I don’t know how much time is left, but I will and do already feel bad about saying goodbye to the very likable and, I think, good-hearted Jimmy McGill."

The creators of Better Call Saul say they have a definite end-point for the show in mind, so who knows how much longer the series itself will even be with us. Eventually, the show's events are expected to lead in to where things began in Breaking Bad. Season 3 saw the show adding more characters from that series, including Gus Fring, so there's a feeling that the nexus between the two stories must be approaching.

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We will have news for you on Better Call Saul season 4 as it is made available.

Source: UPROXX

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