TV News Wrap Up: 'Boardwalk Empire' Final Season Trailer, 'The Flash' & More

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A teaser trailer for the final season of Boardwalk Empire has been released; season 1 of The Flash will include the DC villain Plastique; American Horror Story: Freak Show has added Finn Wittrock (All My Children) to its cast; a Kickstarter campaign for a Free Enterprise TV series has been launched; and FX has passed on the comedy pilot How and Why from Charlie Kaufman (Adaptation).


With Boardwalk Empire nearing its season 5 premiere, HBO released a teaser trailer giving fans a taste of what's coming during the show's final season. Check it out below.

With only eight episodes to work with in Boardwalk's final run, series creator Terrance Winter will have to wrap things up quickly, and as always when it comes to the ending of a beloved and highly respected drama, there's a significant amount of pressure to wrap things up neatly as well.

However, as the teaser makes quite clear, the ending is unlikely to be quiet or forgiving for many of the characters who stand to pay the price - whether that be prison or death - for the crimes they've committed over the course of the series.

Tune in to the final eight episodes of Boardwalk Empire after season 5 premieres on September 7, 2014.

Source: HBO


We've got word that The CW's The Flash will include the DC Comics villain Plastique in season 1.

Plastique on The Flash

The role hasn't yet been cast and we don't know exactly how many episodes Plastique will appear in, but we do know that the latest incarnation of the character - also known as Sgt. Bette Sans Souci - is an Iraq war veteran who was injured by an IED. After being exposed to an explosion in Central City, she acquires the power to turn any object into an explosive device simply by touching it.

While our own Andrew Dyce noted that The Flash pilot's lackluster villain was one of the show's biggest drawbacks, it's still unclear if Plastique will present a more formidable foe for Barry Allen, or if she will be a foe at all in the show. Comic book fans know Plastique as a metahuman and a terrorist, but in revealing this week's Plastique scoop, TV Line's Michael Ausiello called the character "a comrade for The Flash."

We'll see to see how The Flash intends to utilize Plastique after season 1 premieres on October 7, 2014.

Source: TV Line


American Horror Story: Freak Show expanded its cast this week, adding All My Children star Finn Wittrock.

American Horror Story Finn Wittrock

Wittrock's role has not yet been revealed, but the show's creator, Ryan Murphy, was extremely excited to land the upcoming thespian, who - besides being known primarily as Damon Miller on the ABC soap opera All My Children - has also appeared in Masters of Sex, The Normal Heart, Angelia Jolie's Unbroken and the Broadway revival of Death of a Salesman.

Wittrock joins returning American Horror Story veterans Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Angela Bassett, Kathy Bates, Emma Roberts, Denis O'Hare and Frances Conroy, as well as season 4 addition Michael Chiklis (The Shield). Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother) could also have a part in the upcoming season, after contacting Murphy about a role in the show last week.

We'll pass along more American Horror Story: Freak Show casting announcements and updates as they roll in before the show's fall 2014 premiere.

Source: Ryan Murphy


Last month, the creative minds behind the 1999 cult comedy Free Enterprise announced a Kickstarter campaign for a TV series called Geeks based on the film. This week, that campaign finally launched with the project having been retitled Free Enterprise - The TV Series. Check out the trailer for the original film and the Kickstarter video below.

After strategically pushing the Kickstarter launch date back to take place during Comic-Con 2014, writer/director Robert Meyer Burnett and writer/producer Mark A. Altman have seen more than 20 backers back the potential series, but the project is currently over $200,000 away from reaching its goal.

As far as the choice to go the Kickstarter route with the project, Burnett said:

“This is a chance for us to make our show the way we want to make it. We don’t have to answer to a studio or a network, only the fans who will make Kirk-starting this series possible.”

The original film starred Eric McCormack (Will & Grace) and Rafer Weigel (Rafer Madness) as two Hollywood-based Trekkies who meet their hero, the real William Shatner (playing himself), who turns out to defy the image they've held of him all their lives.

According to the show's creators, the new series would also center on the relationships between fanboys and their idols, but would feature an all-new cast and different celebrity cameos each week, a la Entourage or Curb Your Enthusiasm.

We'll keep you updated on Free Enterprise - The TV Series and its Kickstarter campaign as the project receives more fan support.

Source: Free Enterprise Kickstarter


FX has decided to pass on Charlie Kaufman's (Adaptation, Being John Malkovich) pilot, How and Why.

FX Orders Two Comedy Pilots by Zack Galifianakis and Charlie Kaufman

After adding Oscar-nominees Sally Hawkins (Blue Jasmine) and John Hawkes (Winter's Bone) to a cast that already included Catherine Keener (Being John Malkovich) and Michael Cera (Arrested Development) a few months ago, the comedy was showing plenty of promise for FX, but reportedly, the network felt the show's sensibility (inspired by Kaufman's signature blend of real life drama and quirk) would not mesh well with the rest of its lineup.

The pilot, written and directed by Kaufman, told the story of a man (Hawkes) who, after losing his job as a host of a children's science show, attempts to start over with a new show in a small market in the middle of nowhere before encountering a supernatural world. With the pilot having been shopped around to other outlets, it's still available for pickup, but thus far, no other network has reported interest in the project.

We'll let you know if How and Why gains any traction elsewhere.

Source: Deadline

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