Two New 'Boardwalk Empire' Clips: Nucky Pushes Back

Nucky Thompson (Steve Buscemi) in Season 2 of Boardwalk Empire

The Emmy award-winning Boardwalk Empire is back and swinging into its second season. With Enoch "Nucky" Thompson's political career in jeopardy and enemies closing from both sides of the law, he'll have to seek help from some unexpected sources to survive. Two new clips from HBO show off Nucky's predicament.

Major Boardwalk Empire season 2 Spoilers ahead!

The surprising season premiere of Boardwalk Empire counted an impressive 2.9 million viewers and no small amount of critical acclaim. DVR and HBO GO viewers, if you'd like to remain unspoiled, best to skip both this article and the videos below.

At the conclusion of the season 2 premiere, Nucky Thompson and Chalky White are both resting their laurels in Atlantic City's jail. Nucky has been arrested on voter fraud in the latest election, while Chalky is facing charges of murder after shooting a KKK member who came to kill him and shut down his illegal distillery. In addition to being pushed from the bottom and the top, Nucky's former mentor the Commodore is teaming up with his former protégé (and the Commodore's estranged son) Jimmy Darmody to take over the liquor business in and around Atlantic City.

Once Nucky (but naturally, not Chalky) makes bail, he can't even return to his suite of rooms at the Ritz, because it's crawling with federal agents. He must suffer the indignity of actually using the Atlantic City Treasurer's office, while Chalky suffers the somewhat greater indignity of the other inmates in jail. Nucky rallies the troops and find only a single supporter, his bought-and-paid-for politician, Mayor Bader. The feds have confidential witnesses against Nucky, and it looks like his goose is well land truly cooked.

With Nucky taking heat from the Klan, the G-men and the Commodore, he's forced to turn to some unlikely allies. Find out who in the clips below.


Can Nucky fend off his former friends? Will he survive the federal case against him? Will we get to hear more dashing Irish brogue? We'll find out as the second season progresses.


Boardwalk Empire airs Sunday at 9PM on HBO.

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