Blunt Talk Season 2 Images & Synopsis: Blunt is Back

Brothers in arms Walter Blunt (Patrick Stewart) and Harry Chandler (Adrian Scarborough) are coming back for season 2 of Blunt Talk, despite the first year's not-so-impressive ratings. Starz is hoping this story about a British newsman transplanted to Los Angeles, hoping to fix the world with his wise words delivered via cable news, will gradually catch on with audiences. Stewart's recent Golden Globe nod may help draw attention to the largely overlooked series.

Blunt Talk season 1 began by introducing us to Walter and his numerous vices; including, vast quantities of alcohol, drugs, and sexual depravity. His former war comrade and current manservant Harry helpfully enables Walter's every whim while still doing his best to protect the man who once saved his life. Walter is alternately chastised and enabled by his quirky newsroom staff, a dedicated but extremely dysfunctional group that also serves as Walter's surrogate family.

Walter's time in the Falklands War, which began as a one-liner jab at Fox News' Bill O’Reilly, became an ongoing theme throughout the series. In the season 1 finale, Walter learns that many of his self-medicating issues could stem from 30 years of PTSD. His journey to recovery will likely continue into season 2, as he'll end up meeting with the "one that got away." The official synopsis for Blunt Talk's second year promises that Walter's personal life will once again intersect with the news and real world crises:

"In season 2, Walter Blunt and his team are on top of the network ratings when Walter runs into an old flame, in town to investigate a conspiracy involving one of Los Angeles’ most crucial environmental threats. Rosalie, Jim, Celia, Martin, and Shelly (with all their various neuroses intact) are by Walter’s side as he delves into his past, which leads him into a web of intrigue affecting the future of LA."

A still released from season 2 of Blunt Talk reveals it's not all going to be conspiracy-investigation for Walter and former love Cornelia, who will be played by guest star Lesley Ann Warren (In Plain Sight). A little paddle boat romance may be just what Walter needs in his life, and possibly also a good way for him to get information out of his charming companion.

The environment will be a continuing thread from season 1 as well, as the finale included Walter being held at gunpoint on-air by eco-enthusiast turned eco-terrorist Duncan Adler (Jason Schwartzman). And as much as our dynamic duo hopes to overcome their "default fear setting," the second still from season 2 illustrates they'll still need some alcohol-induced bravery moving forward.

Blunt Talk also stars Timm Sharp as Jim, Dolly Wells as Celia, Jacki Weaver as Rosalie, Marry Holland as Shelly, and Karan Soni as Martin. We also expect more appearances in season 2 from Richard Lewis as Walter's therapist Dr. Weiss and Ed Begley Jr. as Rosalie's husband Teddy. The series was created and written by Jonathan Ames (Bored to Death), and executive produced by Stephanie Davis (Bored to Death), Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy), and Tristram Shapeero (Community).

A major theme of Blunt Talk is acceptance, and the very show itself requires a lot of acceptance from viewers. While it's entertaining watching the Shakespearean actor and former stoic Star Trek captain Stewart bring childlike glee to epic levels of absurd debauchery, surrounding him with many characters that are even more bizarre can occasionally get overwhelming. The gradually dipping ratings in season 1 show that the audience may have tuned out before the show really found its gentler, more meaningful side.

Starz is hoping season 2 will lure viewers back in, and Stewart's performance alone really is worth tuning in for -- if you're not averse to a little mid-workday spooning with psychologically damaged coworkers, anyway.

Blunt Talk season 2 will debut on Starz in Fall 2016.

Source: Starz [via Collider]

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