10 Scariest Blumhouse Movies To Never Watch Alone, Ranked

Blumhouse Productions has taken the film world by storm over the past decade or so. Founded by Jason Blum, this little company has grown into one that consistently puts out quality films. BlacKkKlansman and Whiplash were both Best Picture nominees but Blumhouse's bread and butter is the horror genre.

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SplitParanormal ActivitySinister, and 2018's Halloween are just some of their hit movies that racked up huge box offices despite small budgets. Most of Blumhouse's horror films are met with great reviews and rank among the scariest releases each year. Here you'll find the 10 that are the scariest to watch alone.

10 The Purge

At first glance, The Purge feels more like a thriller than a horror film. But that doesn't stop it from being scary to watch. Especially when you're alone. The premise of this franchise is that there's one night each year where all crime, including murder, is made legal.

In this first chapter, the plot was contained to one house. A gang of murderers invades the home and we watch as the Santin family attempt to survive the night. When you sit through this alone, you'll probably think every single noise outside is someone trying to break in.

9 Halloween

The Halloween series is legendary in the world of horror. Michael Myers has become a pop culture icon. After some lackluster installments and a Rob Zombie helmed reboot, Blumhouse Productions took over Halloween for the 2018 incarnation. It retconned the previous sequels and directly follows 1978's Halloween. Considering how well this was received, we think they should reboot some other horror franchises.

This movie kept all of the things that made the original a classic. Michael goes on a brutal killing spree that will chill any viewer to the bone. The atmosphere is flat out terrifying and the score makes it a frightening experience. It'll get stuck in your head and scare you for days.

8 Cam

Released on Netflix at the tail end of 2018, Cam is one of the most underrated horror flicks of the decade. The movie followed an internet cam girl who did outrageous things for her viewers to get a higher ranking. She goes on to get replaced by an exact double and can't figure out how.

From there, the film takes the audience on a roller coaster that makes them squirm in their seats. This isn't about jump scares or specific moments that blow you away. Everything about Cam leaves you feeling scared as if a random double could show up at any time.

7 Creep

Speaking of films that don't use jump scares to deliver the frights, we have Creep. It follows Mark Duplass' Josef as he invites a videographer to his home to record the final days of his life for his unborn son. Josef explains that he only has a few months left to live.

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Duplass, known to many as hilarious Pete from The League, delivers a truly disturbing performance. Josef isn't what he seems. He puts the videographer in awkward situations and eventually stalks him, even recording him as he sleeps. Watching it will make you terrified that you know a Josef and they're watching you in your sleep. Stick around for the ending too, because it'll stick with you.

6 Ouija: Origin Of Evil

2014's Ouija was a commercial success, grossing $103.6 million on a $5 million budget. Those numbers meant a sequel was a sure thing. However, the film was ripped by critics everywhere. Thankfully, 2016's Ouija: Origin of Evil was a vast improvement on the first.

Directed by Mike Flanagan, who also held the same position on Netflix's frightening The Haunting of Hill House series, this movie had plenty of scares. There's something about the 1960s setting that just added a layer of creepiness to it all. And whenever you see an innocent little girl get possessed, it is unsettling.

5 Insidious

We're starting to get into the big horror movies now. Insidious was another smashing success ($97 million on a $1.5 million budget) and it spawned a profitable franchise. On paper, it was your typical storyline of a child being possessed and becoming a vessel for ghosts.

In execution, Insidious scored with everything you could want in a horror movie. It has the freaky imagery, the jump scares, and a terrifying atmosphere. Just thinking about the demon appearing behind Josh or the smiling astral projection family is enough to make anyone's skin crawl.

4 Get Out

Jordan Peele's directorial debut made him a household name. Get Out wasn't just a huge box office hit, grossing $255.4 million, it also received widespread acclaim and a Best Picture nomination at the Academy Awards. And it is one of the most terrifying film experiences out there.

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The story centers around a Black man who meets his white girlfriend's family. They turn out to be folks who transfer their brains into the bodies of young Black people so they can live on forever. There is an unnerving feeling as the plot unfolds. The closer you get to uncovering what is going on, the freakier it gets.

3 Sinister

When it came out in 2012, Sinister probably flew under your radar. The trailers made it seem like your run of the mill horror tale and not something that needs to be seen by everyone. However, it turned out to be one of the scariest movies in a long time.

Sinister focuses on a man who finds a box of old tapes in the attic of his new home. These home movies show past residents of the house getting murdered in various ways. We won't give away much more because this is something you should experience on your own. There are adult horror buffs who couldn't even finish it out of fear.

2 Hush

Like The Purge listed earlier, Hush is a film about a home invasion. Except it is much scarier. Another Mike Flanagan picture, Hush tells the story of a deaf woman living alone who becomes the target of a deranged killer outside of her home. He stalks her for the duration of the film.

While this doesn't feature the traditional horror aspects like ghosts or demons, it is a frightening concept. The thought that someone is trying to hurt you in your home and you can't hear where they're coming from will make you tremble. Definitely not something to watch all alone at home.

1 Paranormal Activity

It may not be the scariest film on the list but it is the most harrowing to watch alone. In Paranormal Activity, viewers watch as an entity takes over the body of a woman. Again, not the most original storyline. But what makes this so terrifying is the found footage concept.

We see and hear these things that go bump in the night through a handheld camera. That makes it feel more real and like it could happen to us. Most of the frights come before the woman is possessed so we can't physically see what causes these issues. That fear of the unknown is much greater than the things we actually see in other films.

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