Blumhouse & Mattel Teaming Up for Magic 8 Ball Movie

Mattel's iconic Magic 8 Ball toy is being turned into a horror/thriller movie thanks to Blumhouse and Truth or Dare writer/director Jeff Wadlow.

Blumhouse is going to make the Magic 8 Ball movie after coming to a deal with Mattel Films. Over the last decade, Blumhouse has become the premier destination for low-budget but highly-profitable films. In doing so, they're responsible for some incredibly successful movies as of late, such as Get Out and franchises in Happy Death Day, Paranormal Activity, and The Purge. They traditionally have stayed in the horror/thriller genre and not relied on significant brands to draw in crowds.

While Blumhouse is delivering financial hit after financial hit, Mattel Films is trying to get its foot in the door of Hollywood. They've been developing several movies over the last few years, but so far none have made it to the big screen. That will soon change with Master of the Universe finally making progress. However, projects like Barbie and Hot Wheels have been meandering in development for quite some time. While these films and other ones revolving around American Girl and View-Master aim to be family friendly, Mattel is now partnering up with Blumhouse for a horror-filled twist on one of their toys.

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The pairing of Mattel Films and Blumhouse comes courtesy of Deadline, who've shared the news that they will work together to make a Magic 8 Ball movie. The fortune-telling ball is one of the most recognizable toys in the world, and Blumhouse has tapped a familiar face for them to bring the toy to the big screen. Jeff Wadlow will direct the Magic 8 Ball movie and write the script with his partners Jillian Jacobs and Chris Roach. There's currently no word on when it will enter production or be released.

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A horror-tinged take on the Magic 8 Ball toy is right up Blumhouse's alley, and should make this a great pairing that will rely on a simple story and scares to be effective. This won't be Blumhouse's first foray into killer games either, as they produced a deadly version of Truth or Dare last year. The low-budget horror film made $95 million worldwide on a tiny budget, and was also directed by Wadlow, so he could be a seamless fit with the magical ball.

Wadlow is currently working on Fantasy Island for Blumhouse, so them handing him another project is hopefully an indication that the upcoming thriller will deliver. Since Fantasy Island is taking up his time right now, it shouldn't be expected that Magic 8 Ball gains much traction until after the former hits theaters next February. That's to say that there's still a long way to go for the project to materialize, but it could be a quick turn around situation and be out in theaters by late 2020 or early 2021 potentially.

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Source: Deadline

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