Blumhouse's The Hunt Reportedly Offers Lead Role To Betty Gilpin

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Blumhouse Productions has found its lead for upcoming horror movie The Hunt: the company will reportedly offer Glow's Betty Gilpin the lead role. As previously revealed, The Hunt, inspired by films such as Battle Royale and The Most Dangerous Game, will follow a group of characters violently pursued by other characters in a rich vs. poor class warfare battle for survival. Directed by Craig Zobel, The Hunt also features a partnership between Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof and Jason Blumhouse as producers.

Lindelof will write the script with Nick Cuse, the son of Lost writer Carlton Cuse. The Hunt is a thriller with scenes potentially inspired by real-world events, particularly the current American political situation. But as is the case with most Lindelof projects, the rest of the movie's story remains a secret. The film will likely show extreme violence, along the lines of Blumhouse's three The Purge films, which all have been successful for the studio. In that same vein, The Hunt will also be relatively low-budget, meaning that making bank at the box office becomes a lot easier for the company.

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ThatHashTagShow reports that The Hunt has found its lead actress in Gilpin in the role of Crystal. The character description calls her a veteran struggling to make ends meet with a part-time job after the death of her parents. Crystal becomes one of the hunted and must do what it takes to survive in an increasingly hostile world. There is also a report that Blumhouse wishes to cast Anne Hathaway in the role of Athena Malone, "the most dangerous woman in the world."

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Blumhouse has seen a lot of success with its low-budget horror movies that also includes the Paranormal Activity and Insidious franchises. The company has made such a reputable name for itself that it recently partnered with Amazon for eight original thrillers that will air exclusively on that platform. Blumhouse also teamed up with Hulu for the horror anthology series Into The Dark.

The company even managed to resurrect the Halloween franchise and released a direct sequel to the first 1978 Halloween film last year. That movie, which only cost $10 million to make, grossed $253.5 million worldwide and set a record with its lead actress, Jamie Lee Curtis, for best opening weekend for a film with a female lead over 55. It seems that everything Blumhouse touches turns to gold, and it's likely that The Hunt will do well for the studio, too, when it releases in 2019.

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Source: ThatHashTagShow

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