Blumhouse's Halloween Sequel Reportedly Finds Writer; Cast to Return

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A recent report has revealed that Blumhouse is targeting Scott Teems to write the sequel to Halloween. Teems is no stranger to Blumhouse, as he recently adapted two Stephen King novels, Firestarter and The Breathing Method, for the production company. Last year's film was written by director David Gordon Green, as well as Danny McBride and Jeff Fradley.

Although plans for a Halloween sequel have yet to be officially announced, it's all but confirmed. The team behind the 2018 sequel were reportedly waiting to see box office numbers before committing to the franchise's future. Considering how Halloween broke a number of box office records, the interest is clearly still there.

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According to information attained by Collider, the sequel's three leading ladies, Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, and Andi Matichak, are also set to return. Curtis has previously stated that she would be interested in returning for another film, depending on the creative team. The report also indicates that Jason Blum will be heavily involved. Gordon Green and McBride are expected to executive produce the sequel. John Carpenter has recently shared his intent in scoring the next Halloween film, so it seems likely he would be on-board. It's important to note that Blumhouse had no comment at the time of this report.

Even with the films spanning decades, the 2018 Halloween sequel served as a direct sequel to the original film. 40 years after Michael Myers terrorized the town of Haddonfield, he made his return. Rather than just setting his sights on Laurie Strode, he went after her daughter Karen and teenage granddaughter Allyson. Much of the film paid homage to the original, while also adding deeper levels than we've seen in the franchise. Even after escaping that deadly night, Laurie still carried the weight of that life-changing and traumatic event. As the three women seemingly made it out alive, it was heavily implied that the white mask-wearing killer survived too.

What direction Teems will take the next chapter in Halloween will remain a mystery. It would be interesting to get another look into the lives of the three generations of Strode women. Now that Karen and Allyson have personally experienced the terror facing off with Michael Myers, their lives will be forever haunted. They finally understand what Laurie has been through and will need each other for emotional support.

Blumhouse wouldn't give this highly touted sequel to an undeserving writer. The team must believe that the script is in good hands with Teems. The fact that the cast and the rest of the creative team are reportedly on-board is a very good sign. There are no details surrounding a possible release date, but the fall of 2020 would make a lot of sense. The 2018 film rejuvenated the interest in the Halloween franchise and has left fans craving more. It seems like Michael Myers is here to stay, at least for now.

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Source: Collider

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