Amazon Prime & Blumhouse Teaming Up For 8 Original Thriller Films

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Amazon Prime is teaming up with the TV division of Jason Blum's Blumhouse Productions for a series of original thrillers. Blumhouse first came to prominence in the horror genre with 2009's Paranormal Activity and, since then, have masterminded a number of fright-filled franchises such as Sinister, Insidious and The Purge. More recently, the production house have had great success with Jordan Peele's award-winning Get Out and this year's box office horror smash Halloween. Starting in 2012, Blumhouse branched out into the world of television and have since delivered a range of darker-themed shows and documentaries including a Purge adaptation on the USA network.

In an attempt to rival Netflix in the world of online streaming, Amazon Prime has made some significant moves as of late. The platform is currently developing a highly anticipated The Lord of the Rings series, have signed a number of big names up to produce content for their service including the Russo brothers and Jordan Peele, and are also reportedly discussing original movies with several major studios. Forthcoming shows such as The Boys and Good Omens are also generating plenty of excitement.

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Now it appears that Amazon Prime users will have even more original content to binge, as Variety is reporting that the service has struck a deal with Blumhouse Television to produce 8 feature length thrillers. Amazon claims that the projects will all include the intense, dark tone that Blumhouse is famous for and will come from a diverse set of different filmmakers. Discussing the deal, Jason Blum said:

“We are delighted Amazon is entrusting Blumhouse to deliver its signature thrills and chills to its global audience through this deal. This is a great opportunity for Blumhouse Television to empower underrepresented filmmakers offering a fresh take on the dark genres loved by fans the world over.”

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Earlier this year, it was reported that both Netflix and Amazon Prime would seek to put more emphasis on original content and it certainly seems as if the latter are going to great lengths to make this happen. Clearly, Amazon has a ways to go if they are to catch up to their main rival and with new services such as Disney+ and DC Universe emerging, tying down recognized filmmakers and production houses to long term deals can only be seen as a wise move.

While not all Blumhouse thrillers have hit the mark, particularly when it comes to sequel releases, their consistent stream of critically and commercially successful horror movies has made the production house a cinematic force over the last decade and this deal certainly represents a coup for Amazon Prime. The prospect of 8 different movies from various filmmakers is sure to bring the platform additional revenue from horror aficionados and jump scare junkies and, if successful, could launch the careers of several exciting up-and-coming directors.

However, the streaming service model is, relatively speaking, still in its infancy and as Amazon Prime's catalogue of original material grows, it'll be interesting to see how the landscape changes. Will consumers happily pay out and subscribe to multiple platforms or will a sense of brand loyalty emerge, with streamers deciding whether the content offered by either Netflix or Amazon best suits their tastes and sending their hard money in that direction?

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Source: Variety


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