Is Blue Exorcist Season 3 Happening? Here's What We Know

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Will the son of Satan return to battle more demons in Blue Exorcist season 3? Blue Exorcist is based on the best-selling manga of the same name by Kazue Kato, which follows a teenager named Rin Okumura, who was raised alongside his twin Yukio by an exorcist. The brothers soon learn they're actually the sons of Satan himself, and Rin is given a special demon-killing sword. The world of Blue Exorcist anime also features two levels of reality; the human world and the demon world.

Rin joins an exorcism school with the aim of defeating Satan after his adopted father is killed. Blue Exorcist is an imaginative, high-energy anime that also packs in a lot of interesting lore. The first season was hugely popular among release, though fans would have to wait six long years for Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga to arrive in 2017. The franchise also spawned an anime film called Blue Exorcist: The Movie in 2012.

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The series has a big cult fanbase but will Blue Exorcist season 3 ever happen and if so, how long will it take?

Blue Exorcist Season 3 Hasn't Been Officially Announced

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Despite the popularity of both the manga and anime series, Blue Exorcist season 3 hasn't been officially confirmed. It's not uncommon for successful anime shows to take a long hiatus between seasons, where fans are often left in the dark about whether or not they're continuing. Fans had an agonizing, years-long wait for Blue Exorcist season 2 to arrive, so while the chances are very good the show will continue, it could once again take years to arrive.

Blue Exorcist Season 3 Release Date

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Since there's no official confirmation Blue Exorcist season 3 is happening yet, there's no word on a release date. A-1 Pictures (Sword Art Online), the prolific studio behind Blue Exorcist, are often busy on other projects, so a third season may take awhile. They also have other popular anime shows, like Grimgar Of Fantasy And Ash, where fans are still waiting for confirmation of another series.

Blue Exorcist Season 3's Story

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There's still plenty of material from the manga that Blue Exorcist season 3 could cover. Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga took so long partially so the manga could build up enough new material to cover a second season. If it follows the manga, a potential third season could find Rin and friends dealing with a group called the Illuminati, led by Lucifer the King of Light. They want to resurrect Satan and unleash demons upon the world, so naturally, it's up to Rin and this twin brother to put a stop to that silliness.

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