My Bloody Valentine Poster = Everything I Hate About 3D

There's a new poster out for the remake of the 80s horror flick My Bloody Valentine. In an attempt to lure audiences back into theaters for yet another remake, this version of the movie will be in 3D.

If you're a regular Screen Rant reader, you'll know that I'm a big fan and supporter of the resurgence of 3D movies. However my love of the format is based on it being used in a subtle manner - bringing the audience into the film and adding visual depth to scenes.

This poster however, represents everything I hate about 3D and is exactly the sort of gimmicky approach that is fodder for those who think the format will be a flash in the pan instead of the next generation of movie viewing technology.

Specifically, I can't stand the "pop out of the screen towards the audience" effects in movies. One of the best examples of 3D in a recent film was in Beowulf: Not the scenes where spears are poking out towards the audience, but those where we feel like we're actually inside the great hall or at the dinner table due to the additional depth of field in those scenes.

Another "gimmicky" 3D film was Journey to the Center of the Earth which starred family-friendly star Brendan Fraser. That one was chock full of all kinds of annoying effects. Of course the kiddies loved it.

Anyway, check out the poster for yourself...

Poster for the remake My Bloody Valentine in 3D

I suppose that horror movies lend themselves to this sort of thing, especially those crappy ones where instead of building suspense and dread, they use bugaboos jumping into the field of view to startle viewers.

On a side note, it looks like the date will end up quite badly for the goofy guy with the hot girlfriend.

My Bloody Valentine 3D opens on January 16, 2009.


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