BLOODSHOT is Back To Show Superhero Fans What They've Been Missing

BLOODSHOT returns in a brand new Valiant comic, reminding superhero fans why he's in a class of his own - just in time for his movie debut.

Bloodshot Valiant Comic Reboot

The release of Bloodshot #1 is fast approaching, giving the unkillable antihero another chance to make an (action-packed) first impression with a new wave of comic readers. And believe us, the first issue is all they'll need to see exactly why Valiant's star supersoldier is in a league of his own.

From his debut appearance, the premise of Bloodshot has sold itself: an experimental soldier injected with billions of nano-machines giving him super-healing, shape-shifting, tech-mastery, and more. When Tim Seeley (G.I. Joe) was announced to be bringing the '90s action superhero to life in this relaunch, with artist Brett Booth (The Flash) returning alongside, it seemed the perfect pairing to capture the attitude and energy Bloodshot is built for. The debut issue does just that, and with the Bloodshot movie on the horizon--sure to send droves of Vin Diesel fans in search of Bloodshot comics--Valiant's timing couldn't be better.

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The first issue, coming September 24th, will be continuing Bloodshot's ongoing struggle to break free from his implanted memories and military service, as opposed to rebooting the character or storyline whole cloth. But readers won't need to know much before diving in, since the story begins at a watershed moment for its supersoldier star. Done taking orders or committing black ops for reasons far above his pay grade, Bloodshot is looking to help those in need. Understandably, he proves so effective at wiping out the opposition that he's popped onto the radar of another shadowy organization looking to end him, permanently. But when you're impossible to shoot, stab, burn, or blow up... that's going to be easier said than done.

Bloodshot Valiant Comic Preview

In all honesty, it's hard to think of another first issue so clearly determined to demonstrate how much of an active, fearless, and effective badass its hero is in almost any situation (but let's be clear: NOT unbeatable). That may be down to Seeley's writing, most effective when imagined it being spoken past a well-chewed cigar. It may also have Booth, Corona, and Dalhouse to thank for bringing that attitude in the artwork, which is as high-paced, chaotic, and undeniably slick from start to finish. Or perhaps, as both Seeley and Booth have suggested in the past, it's Bloodshot who deserves the credit for being the mile-a-minute maniac they're simply adapting.

Speaking about the reboot during a Valiant fan panel at San Diego Comic-Con, Seeley did suggest that the similarities between Bloodshot and beloved stories like The Terminator and Robocop go deeper than just the action. While the sci-fi philosophy has been more or less explored depending on the creative team, Seeley reminded fans that Bloodshot embodies the blurring line between human and technology. Of course, Bloodshot #1 will reassure any fans fearing the series is more 'cerebral' than celebratory, when it comes to its glut of over-the-top violence and action.

Feeling more like the opening sequence of a high-concept, high-octane action movie than an introduction to a superpowered star, it's safe to say both old fans and newcomers will be wishing this first issue was twice the size (or that the wait for Issue #2 was half as long). With the premise and personality made perfectly clear from the outset, we can't wait to see what Seeley, Booth, and the rest of the team have in store.

Bloodshot Comic Valiant Reboot
  • BLOODSHOT #1 (2019)
  • Release Date: September 25th, 2019
  • Written by: Tim Seeley
  • Art by: Brett Booth, Adelso Corona, Andrew Dalhouse
  • Cover Art by: Declan Shalvey
  • Variant Cover by: Dave Johnson, Hannah Templer, Jonboy Meyers, Tim Sale
  • Bloodshot is a nanite-fueled supersoldier forever at war. What happens to the world when he starts picking his own battles? Will this one-man army be able to end the fighting—or just leave more destruction in his wake? Bloodshot’s missions have made waves, as now the shadowy BLACK BAR has their sights set on him—but what do they have planned for this unkillable hero?
  • Bloodshot’s enemies are closing in. Can he unleash all of his abilities in time to survive? The supersoldier is no stranger to war, but this is a whole new kind of enemy… And who is the mysterious masked woman called Eidolon?!

Bloodshot #1 will be available at your local comic book shop on September 25th, or order direct from Valiant Entertainment.

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