• What song is in the Bloodshot trailer? 1 / 8

    Vin Diesel in Bloodshot Trailer
  • “Memories Are Made of This” by Johnny Cash 2 / 8

    Johnny Cash American II: Unchained Album Cover
  • “Memories Are Made of This” was originally recorded by Dean Martin in 1955. 3 / 8

    Dean Martin in Rio Bravo
  • The new Bloodshot movie is based on the Valiant comic series of the same name. 4 / 8

  • In Bloodshot, Cash's cover song is used to complement the character arc for Vin Diesel's Ray Garrison aka Bloodshot. 5 / 8

    Vin Diesel in Bloodshot Trailer
  • Ray Garrison is transformed into an undead killing machine known as Bloodshot, who hopes to avenge his wife's death. 6 / 8

    Vin Diesel in Bloodshot Trailer
  • Cash lived a difficult life, as detailed in the 2005 biopic Walk the Line. Bloodshot is also inspired and haunted by the past. 7 / 8

    Joaquin Phoenix in Walk the Line
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