Bloodline Final Season Trailer: The Rayburns Come to an End

The trailer arrives for the third and final season of Netflix's TV series Bloodline, alluding to the dark fate of the Rayburn family.

[SPOILERS for those not caught up on Bloodline ahead.]


Netflix has released the official trailer for the third and final season of Bloodline. Season 2 ended with Kevin Rayburn (Norbert Leo Butz) killing police detective Marco Diaz (Enrique Murciano), who was investigating the family. In the final chapter of Bloodline, the Rayburn family will finally deal with all the crimes and lies they’ve tried to keep buried, including Kevin’s murder of a police officer. Starring Kyle Chandler and Ben Mendelsohn, the entire Bloodline season 1 & 2 crew is expected back in season 3; including, Meg Rayburn (Linda Cardellini), Chelsea O’Bannon (Chloë Sevigny), Roy Gilbert (Beau Bridges), Kevin Rayburn (Norbert Leo Butz), Nolan Rayburn (Owen Teague), Eric O’Bannon (Jamie McShane), Evangeline Radosevich (Andrea Riseborough), Ozzy Delvecchio (John Leguizamo) and Sally Rayburn (Sissy Spacek).

Bloodline was created by Todd A. Kessler, Glenn Kessler, and Daniel Zelman. While initially mapped out as a six season novel for TV and despite earning critic acclaim/awards, Netflix was forced to cancel the series due to the cost of filming in the Florida Keys. Despite being efficiently filmed (only one or two takes per scene), Netflix was charged between $7 million and $8.5 million for every hour of filming, making the complete 33 episode run cost just under $300 million. In perspective, that’s more money than it took to create Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (which, as it were, also starred Mendelsohn).

The trailer for Bloodline season 3 finds Kevin under arrest for Marco’s murder, and Meg ready to turn on both of her brothers because of the brutality of Marco’s death. John (Chandler), meanwhile, is still trying to cover up the murder of his brother Danny (Mendelsohn) as the walls start closing in. Finally, it seems that family matriarch Sally is going to learn not only about the family drug dealing, the bribes and payoffs, but the fact that John killed Danny at the end of season 1.

Like season 2, this concluding season will have ten episodes and see the return of Mendelsohn (in metaphorical ghost form, haunting his brother). The trailer promises to wrap up the many hanging threads of the series. Bloodline’s slow burn style and non-linear storytelling (like the creators’ previous show Damages) makes the series an acquired taste. While the trailer to season 3 does promote a seemingly faster pace, the crux of the show will remain the same: it’s the personal exploration and destruction of a family.

Bloodline Season 2

Despite the fact that Bloodline was meant to run for six seasons, the way season 2 unraveled and ended felt as though there weren’t many more avenues to explore. Given the second season’s divergence from the non-linear storytelling and its difficulty in replacing Danny—Bloodline’s searing and magnetic villain—by building up John, along with its extremely climactic finale, it feels as if the series was running toward the finish line already.

The tagline to the first season was “We’re not bad people, but we did a bad thing.” The second season proved that John’s line was just another lie. These are bad people; so much so that the only “moral” characters are Eric O’Bannon—a career criminal—and Nolan Rayburn, who burned a restaurant down. Bloodline is a Shakespearean Southern Noir drama that experimented heavily in how we absorb stories. It’s certainly not for everyone, but for its fans, there isn’t anything like it on TV and there may never be one like it again. It’s good to see that, from the trailer, season 3 will not disappoint either.

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The third and final season of Bloodline premieres May 26, exclusively on Netflix.

Source: Netflix

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