Bloodline Netflix Series Casts John Leguizamo in Season 2

John Leguizamo joins Bloodline cast for season 2

[SPOILERS for Bloodline season one ahead.]


Bloodline is a Netflix original that focuses on the Rayburn family and their secret dark past. Danny Rayburn (Ben Mendelsohn), the oldest son and black sheep of the family, shows back up at the family's Florida Keys hotel for his parents 45th wedding anniversary celebration and things spiral throughout the series' 13 episode freshman season. The show is coming back for a second season and this time the star power is following.

Bloodline already more than its fair share of dark characters, even after the events of season one. However, season two is only going to get darker, with the addition of a dark and violent player brought to life by John Leguizamo.

Leguizamo has been known to play roles from the silly (see American Ultra for the latest example) to the disturbing, and his stint on Bloodline looks to lean towards the latter. His star power and acting prowess is certain to raise the bar for the second season of the online series. The executive producers of Bloodline gave TVLine a statement on his casting:

"We’ve been huge fans of John’s acting and writing for many years, and are absolutely thrilled to be collaborating with him. His enormous range and fearless creativity make him a perfect fit for this character — and an incredible addition to the stellar cast we’re so fortunate to be working with."

None of the kind-hearted cross-dressing shenanigans that we got in To Wong Foo Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar! This time around Leguizamo’s character, named Ozzy Delvecchio, is described by TVLine as "charming" and "violent". Ozzy is apparently a chaos-creating element from Danny Rayburn's (Ben Mendelsohn) past.

Bloodline season 2 casting news

If you've seen season one of Bloodline then you know that Danny Rayburn has been murdered. It's been confirmed by Zap2It that Mendelsohn will be returning to the role for the show's second season. Danny may be interacting with the overarching season narrative by way of flashbacks and memories; he could even be part of an entire subplot that exists prior to the continuity of the first season altogether.  The surprise appearance of Danny's son in the final moments of season one will likely be part of the complications, too.

Leguizamo, for his part, infamously does not enjoy staying in one place for too long (see his comments to Crave Online about how depressed his was working extensively on ER). As such, whatever shady business Ozzy Delvecchio has with the Rayburn clan, it may not end with him being happy (or, for that matter, alive and well) by the time Bloodline season two draws to a close.

Bloodline season two is set to premiere on Netflix sometime during the first half of 2016.

Source: TVLine

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