Vampire Action Novel 'Blood Oath' Gets Film Adaptation

There's no shortage of vampire movies in Hollywood these days, from blockbuster franchises like Twilight to more quirky fare like Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, so it's no surprise to learn that another popular vampire novel is headed to the big screen.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the vampire action novel Blood Oath has been fast-tracked for production by Luke Foster (who produced Law Abiding Citizen and Mr. and Mrs. Smith) through his company, Warp Films.

The book, which was written by Christopher Farnswoth, revolves around - get this - a vampire Secret Service agent. Here's a brief synopsis of the novel's plot from its Publisher's Weekly review.

"Nathaniel Cade, the president's vampire, swore to fight on the side of President Andrew Jackson and all his successors. In the present day, Zach Barrows, a rising political star caught canoodling with the president's daughter, suddenly finds himself training to be Cade's handler after tough, wise special agent William Griffin retires. As they try to stop Cade's old nemesis, Dr. Johann Konrad, from creating an army of Frankensteinian monster soldiers, they uncover a deeper government conspiracy."

Frankensteinian monster soldiers? Wow. Part of me is laughing, but the other part of me is thinking it could be totally awesome if done right. You certainly can't argue that the story is unoriginal.

Foster acknowledged that there are some risks in taking on such a wild story, but he offered praise for Farnsworth for keeping the book plausible.

“It’s a big idea and it’s an idea that in the wrong hands could have been cheesy. He did a very good job of making the reader, and me, buy it. It’s the right tone between thriller and improbable fantasy.”

Vampire novels aren't necessarily my cup of tea, but the reviews make this book sound pretty decent. Since I haven't read it myself, I'll reserve judgment. In the meantime, if there are any Screen Rant readers out there who have read Blood Oath, feel free share your thoughts in the comments.

Foster hopes to begin production on Blood Oath next year.

Source: THR

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