Exclusive: Trailer and Poster For John Cusack's Blood Money

An exclusive look at the trailer and the poster for Bloody Money, a new thriller from Lucky McKee starring John Cusack and Ellar Coltrane.

Screen Rant is exclusively debuting the trailer and poster for Blood Money by director Lucky McKee's who's feature debut film May proved time and again that he knows what scares moviegoers. With several independent horror films under his belt, the time has come for McKee's biggest film yet.

And that film is Blood Money. More of a thriller than McKee's typical horror films, Blood Money tells the story of what happens when three young friends find bags of money floating in the river. And what happens when the man who stole that money in the first place finds them, and wants his money back. The movie stars John Cusack as the film's villain - a white collar criminal who will do anything to retrieve his stolen fortune. The three unfortunate friends who stumble across the money and want to keep it for themselves are played by Ellar Coltrane (Boyhood), Jacob Artist (Glee), and Willa Fitzgerald (Scream).

Here's an exclusive look at the Blood Money movie poster and its trailer, both of which promise an intense thriller where maybe there are no heroes, just people driven to the edge by greed.

The trailer starts with a man grabbing a package and jumping from a plane. As the man's parachute opens, he and the package are separated. The package lands in a river, where Fitzgerald's character Lynn is swimming. Her voice over makes it very clear that she feels entitled to the money she finds. Meanwhile, the man who parachuted down - Cusack's Miller - is immediately searching the woods for the money. When he sees it in the custody of three young people in a raft, he takes a rifle, and shoots.

That's where things get a bit more interesting. When Cusack finds Victor (Coltrane) he instantly begins to work the young man. Rather than killing him, Miller uses Victor to start spreading mistrust among the three friends, convincing the young man that Lynn will betray him to keep the money. It all falls apart as the friends turn on each other, fighting to keep the money and even to survive as Miller continues trying to get his fortune back. As the trailer promises: "Greed Has Its Price."

The poster is an interesting contrast to the trailer. It shows Cusack at the top, with the three friends together at the bottom. It looks like a fight between him and them. But as the trailer demonstrated, soon it will be everyone for themselves as greed threatens their friendship as well as their lives.

Blood Money is available in select theaters and On Demand October 13th.

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