Blood Drive Trailer: Syfy Goes Grindhouse

Blood Drive Syfy

In recent years, Syfy has become known for some pretty campy low budget horror. With titles like Sharktopus and Lavalantula, audiences know they can expect plenty of blood and a lot of fun. Sharknado was such a hit that it has become a franchise, with four movies already done and a fifth being made. With the success of these original made-for-TV movies, it was only a matter of time before the network hit on the same success with a TV series. It's possible that success is near, with the upcoming premiere of new series Blood Drive.

Blood Drive is designed to look like it was made decades ago, and is set in the future year of 1999. A rare honest cop named Arthur Bailey is caught up in a violent and dangerous car race, with his life on the line. In this future, there is so much violence and crime that almost none of it is punished. Blood Drive is filmed in the style of a Grindhouse film, meaning that the blood will be flowing throughout the 13-episode season.

And now Syfy has released a very bloody trailed for Blood Drive -- seen above. One thing is clear after watching this trailer, this show is not for the squeamish.

Blood Drive Syfy


The trailer opens up like an old-fashioned educational film, with a narrator explaining to audiences about a global fuel shortage coming up in 1999 -- the distant future. As a couple of young men stop to aid a woman whose car on the side of the road, the narrator explains where things went wrong: "Instead of going green, we went red!" And just like that, the woman feeds one of the men to her car. It seems that in this world, some cars run on human blood instead of gas.

The next shot introduces Arthur Bailey, who is horrified to learn what the cars run on. The woman is not phased in the slightest, asking if he's seen gas prices lately. The trailer cuts to a very frightening looking Master of Ceremonies as the title appears. The narrator refers to Blood Drive as "A twisted new series, almost too depraved for cable TV."

The race is introduced, with the woman and Bailey working together in the competition. The competitors seem just as dangerous as she is. As do a group of people in a board room, who end a disagreement with one of them stabbing another by throwing a knife into his chest.

The narrator promises that each week will feature "a new Grindhouse inspiration," some of which he lists. Cannibals, monsters, cults, lawmen, nymphos, and amazons are all promised, with shots of each one demonstrating just how scary and violent they all are.

The next few shots demonstrate the depravity of the world where the show is set, including a memorable kiss, people in masks and chains, and bodies exploding. Gentlemen, ladies, and lunatics are all welcomed as the race is about to begin. And one final montage shows that there is plenty more gore to be had. With a trailer that is so violently not safe for work, the actual series promises to be even more wild and bloody.

Blood Drive premieres on June 14 on Syfy.

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Source: Syfy

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