Blog Socializing: The Z-List

Honestly, I'm lousy at Web 2.0 and all that social interlinking website stuff, but there are a few blogs that I read now and again whose authors know much more about that than I do. Recently I stumbled across a concept/thing called "The Z-List", the intent of which is to publicize lesser-known blogs. The idea is to list other blogs on one's site and that will in turn help the site listing the blogs.

I know it sounds kind of chain-lettery, which I don't like, but I think the concept is sound inasmuch as it might spark readers to vist a site they've never heard of and might be of interest to them.

So, here's my list, which is an amalgam of sites that I found at The Viral Garden, Christine Kane's site and at Blogging to Fame. Have a look, maybe you'll find a new an interesting blog to add to your daily "read" list!

BTW, if you want to be added to the Z-List and help spread it, here's how:

1. Create a new post on your blog.2. Copy and Paste the entire list of blog links below3. Add any blogs that you want to include near the top of the list. (This isn’t compulsory, so you can either add as many blogs as you want or none at all.)4. Include the blog where you first got the list from, on the list in your post.5. Do not include your own blog links on the list in your post.6. Make sure that all links point to each blog’s homepage.7. Publish the Post.


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