Blockers Trailer: John Cena Must Save His Daughter's Virginity

The new trailer is here for Blockers, the raunchy comedy movie starring John Cena, Ike Barinholtz and Leslie Mann. Actress and screenwriter Kay Cannon makes her directorial debut with the film, which was written by Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg (the Harold and Kumar films), as well as Eben Russell (Last Man Standing) and brothers Brian and Jim Kehoe (Overachievers).

While Blockers is Cannon's first time calling the shots on a feature-length film, she has years of comedy experience under her belt, having written the screenplays for all three Pitch Perfect movies and served as a writer/producer for the NBC TV series 30 Rock. Veteran funnyman Seth Rogen and his frequent collaborator Evan Goldberg are among the producers on the movie too.

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Universal Pictures has now released a brand new theatrical trailer for Ballers, which you can watch in the space above. A poster for the film has also been unveiled, and can be seen below:

In the film, Cena (Trainwreck), Barinholtz (Bright), and Mann (How to Be Single) play a trio of parents who spy on their kids during prom night, in the hopes of stopping them from having sex. Over the course of their "covert mission", they inadvertently immerse themselves in their kids' lives by discovering the true meaning behind certain emojis and partaking in some... shall we say, unusual party games (like doing a "butt chug").

Admittedly, the Blockers premise is pretty straightforward and doesn't seem to indicate that the raunchy comedy will throw any unexpected curveballs along the way to its final destination. That being said, the film's three leads seem to have a pretty great comedic chemistry, as the latest trailer for the film illustrates. That bodes well for the chances of the actual movie being funny.

Cena, in particular, has been making more and more of a name for himself as an actor in recent years via his scene-stealing appearances in comedies like Trainwreck and Sisters. In addition to Blockers, Cena will also be sharing the screen with Pitch Perfect veteran Hailee Steinfeld in this December's Transformers movie franchise spinoff, Bumblebee. Cena also voiced the animated movie Ferdinand's namesake last month, and has hinted that he could be in the running to play Doctor Manhattan in the Watchmen TV series that Damon Lindelof is developing for HBO. Hopefully, Blockers won't slow Cena's ongoing climb up the ladder of Hollywood stardom.

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