Blockbuster Looking To Close 960 Stores

Not sure how many of you get your TV series or movie fix from Blockbuster.  I know I don't when there are so many other options these days more readily available to me than Blockbuster.

...Which is probably why the rental chain is looking to close up to 20% of their stores, to save themselves $30 million annually.

Once they do this, they'll be looking to take on competitors like Netflix and Redbox with their own Redbox-like business model, of which they're looking to have about 10k kiosks by the end of 2010 offering up those services.

Even if this is going to help them, I think they need to start getting their blue sign in our faces on the internet onto the sites we surf (hint hint)... otherwise I'm not sure kiosks are going to be their savior.

I know this one great site called Screen Rant where their advertising dollars would be pretty well spent...

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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