The Blob Remake Poster Sure Looks Familiar

A new poster for the remake of The Blob looks remarkably similar to the classic Alien poster. Details regarding the new remake have been pretty sparse recently, with some people doubting we would even see it. But a new sales art poster has just been released online, and it looks almost identical to a classic sci-fi horror image that film-fans are very familiar with.

The original 1958 version of The Blob was a typically cheesy monster-on-the-loose movie, that was more famous for featuring Steve McQueen in his first starring role rather than the quality of the story or the special effects. But it was a "guilty pleasure" for many and became a cult film. Larry Hagman (Dallas) even directed a belated sequel called Beware! The Blob in 1972. The film was the subject of a remake in 1988, when Chuck Russell directed an update which starred Shawnee Smith (Saw) and Kevin Dillon (Entourage). Fun and imaginative, it had some good plot twists and effects, and is now regarded as one of the best horror movie remakes. Since then, further reboots have gone through the development stage, with Rob Zombie being attached to the project in 2009 before it fell through. But in 2015, it was announced that Simon West (Con Air) had signed on to direct a brand new remake, and that Samuel L. Jackson had joined the cast.

Although West has remained linked to the project, news on any kind of further development has been decidedly absent. But Arclight Films has revealed a new sales art poster which confirms Jackson's involvement and gives a teasing promo image of what to expect. Along with the strapline, "Nothing can stop it," it shows the indistinct image of a planet (presumably the Earth) with a huge fissure cracking open and a green-glow shining from it. Which is fine, but... There's no denying that it does look very similar to the cracking egg-rock from the classic Alien poster, which does take away some of the impact.

The poster itself is intriguing in some way though. In the 1958 film the Blob was an alien lifeform carried to earth by a meteor. In the 1988 remake, it was actually a mutated bio-weapon that oozed from a secret US satellite that had crashed. For this re-imagining, West has hinted that the Blob will originate deep from underground rather than the skies. The "cracked-Earth" image would seem to back that up. Beyond that, it's likely to follow the same storyline as the previous movies and little further is known.

Rumors did surface online that Halle Berry (Extant) was to join Jackson as another lead character, but this has yet to be verified. In the meantime, after a long stint in pre-production, the fact that a promotional poster actually exists (and that West and Jackson still have their names attached to it) hopefully means that further news about the production will surface soon. Screen Rant will keep you updated with any further details on The Blob as we get them.

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Source: Arclight Films [via Movieweb]

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