Blindspot: 10 Questions We Need Answered In The Final Season

Jaimie Alexander in Blindspot

Set in New York City, right in the middle of Times Square, a young lady unzipped a duffle bag and stepped her naked body into our lives. Little did we know, she would lead us on a wild tattoo and action-packed adventure for four seasons.

With Jane Doe becoming a member of the FBI, Blindspot was born. throughout their journey, we've come to love and hate some of the characters that have graced the screen. Some seasons proved why the idea of a memory missing woman was on point while others showed why there were cancellation rumors every year.

With Blindspot heading into its final season, the writers will have to tie up loose ends, break and forge bonds, and hopefully, just hopefully answer every question fans have as our favorite FBI characters depart.

Here are 10 questions we need answered in the final season.

This pairing is just as important as Weller and Jane. From the beginning, you could sense the sexual tension in the air. Even with Tasha going off the rails so to speak, Reade still held a light torch for her. One couple on the team may be enough but there's no denying the chemistry Tasha and Reade share.

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With their lives on the line again and the team forced to hide and redeem their names, what better time than to come to an agreement on their feelings. They have tried, failed, and somehow always find themselves back to each other. Put it all on the line with no regrets and see what happens should be their motto next season.

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9 Will Jane Get Pregnant?

Towards the end of season four, you could sense that Jane may be willing to have Kurt's child. While Kurt is close to his daughter Bethany, that's one bond the power couple does not share. While Jane has a daughter, she's not been a major cog in any storyline.

With Jane and Kurt in talks about relocating to Colorado to be closer to his daughter, raising a child out there may be a great idea. We have yet to really see Jane in a motherly mode but her time with Bethany proves that she's caring enough to make up for the lost time she didn't have with the child she gave birth to.

8 Will Weitz And Brianna Save The Day

Will Brianna admit to being the mole and explain how she was pressured into framing the team by Madeline and Dominic? Now, with the team in danger and she basically has no more use, will she come clean before her secret is exposed? She has knowledge of how dangerous and resourceful the team is and coming forward will be her best option.

With Weitz still free, will that odd duo team up and find a way to bring Tasha, Reade, Patterson, Jane, and Kurt home safely? Even with that said, can she ever be trusted again?

7 Will We See Remy Again?

We have to admit, the 'Remy is back' storyline didn't sit too well with me at first. However, it was fun watching Jane switch sides. With the teams' life on the line and on the run, having Remy around may not be such a bad idea. As the old saying goes; in order to beat a criminal, you have to think like one. And who on the team has a better criminal past than Jane (aka Remy)?

As tough as Jane is, Remy takes it a step further. Jane operates under the law of the FBI while Remy does things her own way. She's ruthless, fearless, and she's ready to kill and die for her cause. A little bit of that is just what the team needs in this crisis.

6 Has Madeline Been Their Best Foe So Far?

The FBI has gone up against some fearless adversaries over the course of the show, but has Madeline been the best? From Shepard to Roman and easily forgotten killers and terrorists, it's something about Madeline that puts her high on the list. With Roman and Shepard, it was not personal. For Madeline, this is revenge. Her goal is to take down the FBI and she's willing to kill any and everyone in her path.

Madeline has the money, the soldiers, and best of all, she has the drive. Roman was great at what he did but his soft spot was Jane. Madeline has her family but even with them threatened, her plan still continued on. She's fearless and has managed to turn our beloved heroes into wanted criminals. No one has ever done that.

5 Where Is Jane's Daughter?

We just figured she would have more scenes than what she did in season three. What was the point of bringing her into the storyline if she was just going to vanish? While Weller has spent time with his daughter and Jane has played the role of step mommy, why haven't the writers found time for Jane to be with her daughter?

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She has shown that she's capable of handling herself in tight situations. And with the rest of the team possibly dead (yeah right), this would be the perfect time for mother and daughter to reunite and clear their names.

4 Can Jane Have The Tattoos Removed?

With technology super enhanced, how hard would it be to remove the tattoos? In all fairness, when was the last time a crime was solved from Jane's body. Each tattoo has been scanned and uploaded into a database so why is she still walking around resembling the NYC Subway system?

If Jane wishes to be looked upon as "normal," then her trademark artwork must be removed. She'll still be the same woman but if she's really trying to shed the label of Remy, then the tats must be the last thing to go. It's all about moving forward with her life and if that's the case, she has to renounce everything about Remy and that old life and that goes for the ink on her body.

3 Will Anyone Die From The Season 4 Finale?

There has never been any reason to believe that we will lose one of the main six characters. Despite the drone blowing up their cabin at the end of Season 4, can we really picture a final season without Tasha, Reade, Kurt, Patterson, Jane, or Rich? Not going to happen.

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With the team fighting to clear their names and take down Madeline at the same time, this will be more intense as anything Roman or Shepard put them through in previous seasons. The team fought amongst themselves at the end of season four with trust issues but breaking them up now will do a disservice to the show. Each member brings a special element to the team and all must be present to take down their biggest threat.

2 What Is Patterson's First Name?

For the life of me, why is this still a thing? For four seasons, you mean to tell me that it has not slipped? We've had Starbucks coffee and still no sign of her name. She works at the FBI, wears a name badge, has credit cards, has dated multiple men over the years and yet, no one has called Patterson by her first name. What's going on?

By the time the series finale airs, it's only right we learn the true Blindspot secret. Do we really care if Madeline wins the big war between her and the FBI? Do we care if Tasha and Reade get together? Of course, we do but the show can't be labeled a success until we see Patterson name on the adoption papers.

1 How Will It All End?!

As stated earlier, Blindspot is not one of those shows where we're expected to see one of the main characters die. In the final season, we should expect plenty of fights, explosions, laughs, and tears. This is their biggest test but at the end of it all, we should expect success.

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Paterson will adopt her kid. Tasha and Reade will run the NY Office as a power couple. Rich and Boston will find the necessary balance to make their relationship work. As for Jane and Weller, Jane will end up pregnant and she and Weller will move to Colorado to help raise Bethany and their new child. As for Madeline, she'll be in jail or dead.

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